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  1. I wasn't aware there was a new module on its way. CMFB is my favourite of the series! Do we have any details about the new module?
  2. Hi, thanks for the response and for everyone else's comments. I didn't realise that they were meant to face backwards! I've been playing it all wrong! Great scenario btw!
  3. Hello. I'm playing a scenario "Flames in the Mist" and my Archer Tank Destroyers are facing the wrong direction. When I give them a command move they move backwards (in reverse). Any thoughts on why this might be happening? I've tried to upload an image but my screenshot files are too big. Andy
  4. This looks great. But can someone explain the following to me? There is no download for this product! As long as you have an up-to-date installation you already have 100% of the files you need. An up-to-date installation of what exactly?
  5. Not sure why but I can't see the screenshots?
  6. Hi, thanks for all the responses. I'm a dunce! I had to dismount them first. I thought they were mobile vehicle mortars and could shoot straight from the vehicle. Thanks again for all the help! :)
  7. Hi, It always says my mechanised mortars are "not positioned" when I go to "available artillery". There is no option to "deploy weapon". Is there some other order I need to give them?
  8. Hi, Thank you for the response. I'msSorry, I didn't realise the thread was for windows issues. Update: none of the games would load for 2-3 days until suddenly today they are loading with no problem. I have no idea why! If it happens again I will try your suggestions. Many thanks! Andy
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread but all of a sudden not a single one of my CM games are loading. I use a MacBook and the CM game icons are bouncing in the dock but not loading. This is only a recent issue. I think there may have been a recent mac update which might be causing this? Is anyone else having similar problems?
  10. Wow! That's really cool. I didn't know anything about this. Btw, we do say "birds" but it depends on how cockney you are as to whether you'll get away with it!
  11. You're working with the British MoD?? Can you elaborate on that?
  12. Sorry. So I have downloaded some of these mods, for example I'd really like the black hawk helicopter in my games. I'd like to make some scenarios but don't know how to put them into the game?
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