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  1. I've been messing with QB battles and I noticed the US infantry squads in SF have little ammo compared to BS. I know the ammo caliber is shared among all members, but each infantry soldier contributes to the squad ammo "pool". Of the 9 man US infantry squad, 7 are riflemen, and by comparing with other units, and splits squads, one can easily deduce that each rifleman carries (contributes) 210 rounds for a (sub-)total of 1470 rounds (a minor exception in BS is the one carrying the M110 changing 210 5.56 for 140 7.62). In Shock Force the squad carries 1870 rounds giving a total of 400 round
  2. While I also get the feeling that rifles seems a tad too ineffective vs automatics ingame, it was not the US belief that their rifleman were as precise as consistently hitting at 250 yards in combat. From their ACR program they wanted to improve on the fact they only expected 1 in 10 shots to hit the target at 220meters ~= 250 yards.
  3. Since LMGs are also picked up when buddy aiding, a squad can lose "its gunner" multiple times.
  4. Sure the command & control and morale system is well done in CM. The We-GO is rather unique in for CM compared to others. But I am surprised this feature hasn't been mentioned yet - I consider it to be the most distinguishing feature of tactical combat in CM. In fact, dumb down most other features and keep this one and IMO that will still distinguish CM from the rest. Certainly a feature that some consider a bit rough around the edges - especially when not in full daylight. I am of course talking about relative spotting. Now when I play any other game of you controlling units with ran
  5. Personally, I think this segments fits better. You can imagine the rest here (the link does not preview because it has start and end times). https://www.youtube.com/embed/O7X1BCCH9a8?start=159&end=192&version=3
  6. I am guessing it is mostly related to randomly selecting OPFOR/Syria. If I use manual map selection I can get to unit purchase (if set to human), but then it crashes when I click the "suggestion" button for OFPOR.
  7. By setting setting unit purchase or map selection to automatic/random, the game consistently almost always crashes. Here is an image showing the settings that seems to crash it most often. By only modifying less than these 4 changes, say 2, the games crashes less often when pressing OK, but still the most common outcome. I just upgraded to CMSF2 and are not using any of the expansions.
  8. If you do downgrade pick one before December 2017. What worked for me was simply turning off shaders, its ALT-R .
  9. Finally got to see it! Neither refresh, force refresh, change DNS resolver worked. Not until I flushed the cache - ipconfig /flushdns did it come through properly.
  10. When I connect to (http://)battlefront.com, my browser gets redirected to https://www.battlefront.com (interesting choice to add the 'www' since the general trend to be to move away from that redundant prefix). The problem is that the SSL/TLS certificate is wrong, it looks none is provided, and I have to make an security exception in my browser to keep connecting. Anyway, I know you are still working on it, but still I just wanted to be sure you knew, since no one else has brought it up.
  11. I am curious, did the 'beta forum' reach a conclusion on the spotting?
  12. Well, we won't know until the store comes back on. But in my experience they never really run sales. Certainly, not like what you might see on Humble Bundle, GOG, or the (in)famous seasonal Steam sales. They might give a small discount, but it is usually say 10%, maybe 20%, for a product that have been out long. For bundles they often have a discount where you save maybe 10-25$ if you buy a base game with a module, or two.
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