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  1. It isn’t code in the classical sense. You have the mathematical construct of a neuron which you code for and then have a vast interconnected web of these. You then train it where the strength of those interconnections is adjusted during training. It is analogous to our own brain where as we learn certain neural pathways are strengthened while others are pared away. It is almost a black box. The rate of improvement in AI both in narrow and broad applications is nothing short of astounding. I just worry the we are racing to develop the tools of our own demise with autonomous kill drones coupled with LLM AI that are becoming increasingly capable and closer to sentience. I would rather hope for Kurzweil symbiosis instead.
  2. Isn’t a sizeable amount of trading in the market driven by AI trading algorithms?
  3. After reading this, I think Zelensky would be a fool to dismiss him.
  4. Latest drop from Perun and certainly relevant to this discussion:
  5. Maybe taking some inspiration from the British in ww2 going after their numerically stronger enemy in Africa where they could press their logistical advantage, albeit at a much smaller scale. Has the strategic benefit of introducing friction into Russia’s African operations.
  6. Chelyabinsk most famous for the large meteor back in 2013 injuring over a thousand people with an explosive yield of half a megaton.
  7. Would giving the Ukrainians the ability to cause some hurt to the Rostov on Don logistics hubs and infrastructure of a military nature (HQ, ammo or fuel dumps) be too escalatory? Bringing the war to the home front might apply some needed domestic pressure as well as muck up supply efforts to the occupation forces.
  8. Aren’t those critters called Wolverines? Hmmm swarms of cyber implanted mind controlled wolverines- zerglings
  9. I think the fact that the civil aviation industry (Boeing, AirBus, engine manufacturers, for instance) also do a fair amount of business with Western governments strongly influences their desire to be seen as complying with sanctions
  10. Depending on what it’s real world kill probability turns out to be as well as its cost, it could be quite cost effective against aircraft. Carbon fibre may be to reduce RCS. Might be much harder to detect than SAMs or opposing fighters. Never knew what hit him i can see it supplementing AD.
  11. Not to digress too much but continuing the 80’s commercial with a Soviet theme
  12. That is a good perspective. Makes one wonder about how much more mines have been put in place further back. Given the near impossibility of significant breaching operations in this new age of drones and drone directed high precision artillery, how do you avoid stalemate? Could a concerted effort on the logistics chain using longer ranged Atacams and friendly ISR assets over the winter cause forces to wither on the vine?
  13. A man should be also judged by his deeds. We have benefited much from his efforts in maps and mods. Says this non-esteemed citizen of Canada.
  14. Almost Kursk like in preparation. Did the delays in starting the campaign arise out of waiting for the shiny new kit? Waiting which allowed further fortifications.
  15. I hope one day a book details the evolution of drone warfare and EW of this conflict similar to RV Jones Most Secret War that gave a great history of the development of radar, radio navigation, and EW during WW2.
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