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  1. Good luck. For the most part PBEM+++ in Combat Missions games has worked well. On occasion, there have been issues with large maps but the majority of time it has worked well. You do give up the ability to replay prior turns so those who normally produce AARs of their battles are unable to do so (so far as I know).
  2. While this may reflect a significant portion of future wars, on the surface it doesn’t sound fun.
  3. How to fold this into a game that is somewhat realistic yet fun to play will be a challenge.
  4. Considering that the Marine Corp gave up their heavy armor in 2021, I suspect these battles would need to be coastal with heavy air support. And you're right about drones since I suspect any conflict of consequence will have them going forward.
  5. I'm intrigued by this idea. Since CM is a land battle simulation, what are you envisioning for a US vs Iran game?
  6. Given what is happening in Ukraine today, I think any contemporary game would have to include drones to a greater degree than what is in BS. However, overwhelming drones and meat assaults would not be fun. +1 on your Asian suggestions.
  7. Since BS has been more or less retired, I'm hoping for another modern like NATO vs Russia or Korea 2025. I'd also like a Cold War expansion updating to the late 80's and other seasons especially Winter.
  8. I'm reluctant to use church bell towers for that very reason!
  9. Another high ranking forum member wanting to open a can of whoop-*** on me! Bring it on!
  10. I definitely prefer playing against a human regardless of whether I win or lose. Part of the difference for me is the dialog that may accompany a battle.
  11. I feel bad that you did that because I would have understood fire outside my setup zones. I appreciate your consideration though. Thanks.
  12. An example that comes to mind is infantry spots an iTOW in the woods so other units, which cannot see the iTOW, area fire into its location or close enough that you hope to suppress it while other units close for a kill.
  13. I've never seen that guideline before, but I understand and respect it.
  14. Prior communication is definitely key.
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