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  1. I'm glad it's sorted as well. Not doing so would have always made me question my units. BTW, John is aces in my book. He's always been very responsive and helpful to me.
  2. Mystery solved! John in Tech Support uncovered that this scenario requires the Vehicle Pack. Once I purchased and activated that all five panzers showed up. I want to thank all of you for your responses and input. Thanks everyone, stay safe, and let's all have a great 2021!
  3. I did as the Germans. However, since that time I have downloaded the scenario again and asked my opponent to send me his copy of the scenario and in every instance I get the same result. Even here, several folks have opened the scenario to find five panzers versus my two.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but I've already done that. Two Pz IVs is all the Germans have.
  5. mjkerner, weird it is! I have no idea what a "flavor object mod" is and I can tell you that my installation is pure vanilla.
  6. I'll try to be brief ... I played this scenario as the Germans and the only armor I had were the two panzers. At the time I didn't know the person I was playing against had played this scenario before. At the conclusion, when he was able to see the ending map and forces, he pretty much said "what the hell, where are your other three panzers". So, that's how I discovered the issue. When he loads the scenario as the Germans he sees five panzers and I just discovered so does Commanderski. I have photos I can upload to Tech Support but I wanted to try this forum in case others have seen some
  7. Happy 2021 everyone and let's hope for safe, healthy, and prosperous year. Now down to business: My opponent for the scenario at the following link sees five Pz IVs but I see only two. Both of us are running v4.03 of Battle for Normandy and I've gone so far as to reload my Windows 10 system and reinstall the program. Nothing I've done changed the German player from having only two panzers. Has anyone else experienced this? What might be the cause and remedy? Meeting Engagement at Les Charne (thefewgoodmen.com) Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. A Cold War version of a game like CM2 is just what I've been waiting many years for so I too would gladly pony up $100!
  9. Thanks Iron Chef. I don't mix Heer, Volksturm, etc. because I assumed they were major categories of infantry which generally did not mix. I also think your point about communicating expectations before the game is right on. Hopefully someone who thinks my unit selections are unusual would offer constructive ciricism rather than jumping to the conclusion that I game the system.
  10. I think it’s presumptuous to think that just because someone mixes Heer and Volkssturm or SMGs with Pioneers (didn’t they settle the West in their Conestoga’s?) is gamey. Not all of us have the knowledge many of you do about the intricate details of WWII, and their unit choices could very well be the result of their lack of knowledge on the subject and not some devious gaming of the system. I’m inclined to choose units that are reasonably historically accurate but quite frankly my lack of knowledge on the subject likely results in unit selections some of you would consider gamey. Unlike som
  11. Don't know what it is so I guess I don't use it. From the sound of the discussion though, it must have something to do with mods. :confused:
  12. I'm ready to plunk down my money right this moment for a modern version of Combat Mission. And, since I realize the demand for this genre isn't that great, I'm ready to pay a premium!
  13. I was born in on March 13, 1953 on the National Cocoanut Tort Day holiday and the anniversary of the 1st strip tease performance so I guess that puts me at 48.
  14. I want to thank those who posted here for the 15 minutes of laughter I just experienced reading this thread. The sarcasm and wit were just perfect.
  15. I hope sgb doesn't mind me following up his request with another. One area of CM I'd like to see improved is the information available on units and weapons when choosing units for a QB. Most of the data I'd like to see presented is already in the system Though not available at this point in the game) and what is missing is a brief narrative about the unit and weapons under consideration. The narrative could include a brief history, how prevalent it was on the battlefield, the OOBs it was generally a part of, it's performance, and possibly it's intended use. Having this information availa
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