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  1. No patience is not my strong side. In my meager defense I have been retired for about 10 years now...I don't golf and I don't surf....I do walk my three dogs and love my disabled wife of 29 years. Just saying
  2. Thanks for that Steve I really do like hearing about what it takes to do your thing for all of us. My heart felt thanks to everyone involved to make this for us because I love it so much. God speed.
  3. I'm just curious on some inside baseball kinda way. How do you guys complete your work on games? Does the boss make the command decision. "like good to go ready to launch". Is there some kinda tipping point where we guys or gals seem to have done everything you see or think of. When is good enough...Good enough for "all systems are go" As Mr. Tracey would say. Just spit balling here. "ThunderBirds are go". I think it should be.
  4. Don't feel too light headed because I have been holding my breath and twidling my thumbs and banging my head against my computer since seems like forever. I'm with you bring it on please for the love of pete.
  5. Is the game engine even able to deal with something like a Pacific battle. I not so sure. These battles were almost infantry combat...Very little armoured combat
  6. Just gimmie the freaking game for god sake....And I will gladly give this forum crap a rest for a time....Long time..No offense to anyone. But for pete sake....give this whole thing a rest.
  7. looks time for a beehive round on those dudes...BTR-60 would probably just nick the paint
  8. So When...June or late April...I bought my copy of CW from BF. I'm still somewhat confused. But that's just me. Or am I not alone.
  9. Very interesting post and read...As for a secret code I'm not so sure, but there was a hit of it to me anyway
  10. Well's April 7th in my part of the planet...So what gives??? I am burning up the forum looking some hint of a release of CW.. Any further info from anyone in the know?
  11. I certainly would like to see that mod for sure. There would seem to be a good deal of expansion possibilities.
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