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  1. Any news about when this module will be released?
  2. Bridge at the Rhine...would be cool. M-26 Pershing being employed would be cool also.
  3. That's interesting... and guns kept getting larger... 125 mm on their T-72 models and there subsequent replacements.
  4. Now that you mentioned it the barrel does look bit longer. I did not know they had 100mm guns on the T-34 or tried them out. T54/55 had 100mm weapons did they not?
  5. T-34/85 Get some soon... everyone should feel better now.
  6. No way I would guess that... Rhine to Elbe..next maybe.
  7. Yeah got yah... I know...but one can dream the impossible dream..
  8. May I propose "Combat Mission Fight for Survival CMFFS. Israeli Defense Force vs Syria, Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon and Iraq and am I missing some other country. I think politics may have something to do with fact that I will probably never see such a game, but boy would like to have those tank battles in the Sini desert and canal areas. Oh what about Golan Heights Valley of tears...or valley of death. T-62 vs Centurian or M-48 Patton
  9. Is it not true that the Soviet arms industry usually cranks out poorly put together weapons of war. The idea being that it's going out to fight and get smoked at some point, so make'm cheap make'm durable and let's roll.. Forward for our Motherland.
  10. So I've been a little late on this post and anything re CMRT is welcome. But for me once again late war battles that are depicted in the book "SPEARHEAD" which features M-26 Pershing, which I can't get enough of, maybe because of the gritty film of the Cologne tank duel. In the book the battles continued with the M-26 in the lead most of the time while the ubiquitous M-4's get smoked again and again. I know that the M-26 was too little too late, but I still think that it made it's mark in the war. Yeah what if we started Normandy with M-26 replacing the M-4. I guess we can what if this b
  11. Hey there,

    I downloaded your recent ScAnCaDe and for whatever reason I can't get it to work.  I've used it before without any problems, but for now it will not work.  I followed the instructions but no go.  Any ideas?

  12. So the 105 mm round does not get the job done. The 30 mm round will. Does the NATO forces use 5.56 or 7.62. It goes all the way back to the MBT-70 disaster when we tried to work with Germany. We went with the 105 mm then went to the 120 mm which in the end was a good choice, but has the MGS even seen any combat? I don't recall.
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