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  1. Afternoon all. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any module or expansions planned for CMBS? I'd love to see some British forces in there 😊
  2. Think I've fixed it. Didn't realise I had to re input the activation key (activate product). Just found a link to it on the battlefront help page!
  3. Hi Guys, I couldn't find a topic covering this already (sorry if it does exist and I missed it). I've had CMBN on my MAC for a few months and today downloaded the Market Garden add on. When I've ton to install it I think it may be the stock CMBN game again (file links all refer to CMBN 3.11), file was around 4.5gb - install size aroung 10gb. Installed and no extra content so I think it's the stock game. Checked my battlefront account and I can confirm I've purchased the correct game (and MAC version too). My question - is this a common problem and I've not installed co
  4. I have the same problem. I should get DL speeds of 10+ mbps here but I'm struggling to achieve 0.1......... 15 hrs estimate at the moment. Anyone got any ideas how they can speed this up?
  5. I'm guessing it's a MAC glitch with the art work. No big problem.
  6. I should have expanded my question a bit..... I thought a 2nd LT had a single gold bar and 1st LT had a single Silver Bar. All my Lt's have single silver, regardless of 1 or 2 LT rank. Is that right?
  7. Hi This might just be me by thought if ask I'm playing on a mac, 2.12 CMBN base game only. All of my Lt's rank are indicated by a single silver bar, regardless if they are 1st or 2nd Lt, I thought a silver bar was 1st Lt Have I got this wrong or is this a funky Mac issue? Andy
  8. Hi, Just a quick question, I'm playing on a MAC and I'd like to download scenarios/maps/mods. I've done this before on CMSF for the PC and it was quite easy, is is still the same process with a MAC or would I need MAC specific mods? Also, If I was looking for PBEM opponents is that do-able between PC and MAC or would I need a MAC opponent?? Cheers Andy (MAC Virgin):eek:
  9. Turns out I'm running 10.9.5.... :/ problem solved.. (new MAC user.....)
  10. Hi, Just want to double check before I buy. I have Maverick 10.5.9 OS, minimum spec says OS 10.6 I have the demo and it worked fine. Cheers guys
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