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    TJT reacted to MOS:96B2P in CMSF 1 African Mod Pack   
    Thanks for letting us know.  It is probably better that the faces, models & uniforms are brought up to standard.  The mod can be recreated at some point and will look even better than the original.  +1
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    TJT reacted to Combatintman in When is Shock Force 2   
    Totally agree your point, particularly when Syria 2018 is perfectly doable in CMSF and will be in CMSF2 to anybody who wants to click the 'Scenario Editor' button. I have a lot of plans for CMSF2 ...
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    TJT reacted to MOS:96B2P in When is Shock Force 2   
    YES!!!! _+1
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    TJT reacted to sburke in When is Shock Force 2   
    I don’t think I have been this excited about a title since CMBN. 
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    TJT reacted to c3k in A plea for a French Army DLC   
    1. French DLC gets my vote. For whatever it's worth.
    2. UNFUK also gets my vote. Because somewhere, someone will do it.
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    TJT reacted to LongLeftFlank in Coop mode   
    I am sure the programming challenge is not inconsiderable -- finite brainjar hours -- but I feel the addition of even basic pbem coop play mechanics would breathe a lot of new life into the system, and the community.
    Even having some friendly forces AI programmed/controlled could add new dimensions -- allowing a designer to assign a player a specific role within a larger operation rather than needing to micro the whole force. Faster play, more fun for those who choose it. Endless possibilities here, and seemingly well within existing design parameters of the engine with some help from newer generation computing power. Fwiw
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    TJT reacted to Rinaldi in Combined Unofficial Screenshot/Media Thread   
    An excellent scenario from @George MC - as if that needs to be said. It's called "TV  98-5 STEELERS" for those curious, since he's too humble to plug in :^).

    Another from one of his scenarios - Armor Attacks, or Armour Attacks if you download his UK version . From a PBEM that was back-and-forth. Sadly, my opponent eeked out a minor BLUFOR victory. 
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    TJT reacted to FoxZz in A plea for a French Army DLC   
    Hello all,
    As it's rumored that this game is expecting several DLCs, I take this opportunity to make a plea for a French DLC, or a LDC including the French. Why should the French be included in a DLC over other nations ?
    First, let's look at the setting. Game setting is placed in Ukraine, at the border of Europe in 2017/2018. France is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it's the third world's nuclear power, and the first military power of Europe (if Russia doesn't count as Europe). Diplomatically, France has been at the forefront of the discussion on Ukraine, being at the initiative of the Minsk II agreements, and is as such very involved on this matter. Historically, France is a very active military power and has significantly taken part in all the majors conflicts since the end of the Cold War : Gulf War, Yougoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lybia, Mali, Syria, etc. Furthermore France is regularly (and currently) involved in NATO and bilateral military exercises in Eastern Europe which show its commitment to the security of this region. Lastly, France would probably be able to come very quicly into the theater with significant amount of troops having a very high readiness and being located in continental Europe. All those elements make it almost certain that France would get involved in a conflict in Ukraine.
    On a gameplay point of vue, we would get a ton of exotic toys. Most of French gear and vehicles are indegenously devlopped. It would be also very refreshing as French military very rarely depicted in the Video Game industry (at the exception of the Warhame series). French army is also very modern and would be balanced with US and Russian military. Interesting fact, French army is the only to have fielded operationally its future soldier system program. French army also has an orginal doctrine which differs from the US or Russian one: emphasis on mobility, flexbility, and initiative, even at the lower echellons, which comes from its exprience in irregular warfare. It influenced many of its military design, with, for example, an emphasis of wheeled vehicles. As such, many asks, how would this system fare in a more conventionnal context ? CM:BS gives us the opportunity to test it. Here is a link about French Doctrine https://wavellroom.com/2017/11/30/the-french-intervention-in-mali-a-lesson-in-mission-command/
    Moreover, as I said, French armed forces are very rarely depicted in video games, and French video games market is very dynamic one with 4,3 billion euros of revenue in 2017. So it would probably attract many French players eager to play their national forces (even if they're not very vocal on english speaking forums) while also attracting players from all around the world interested in brand new faction. Lastly, French forces are the only major military power never depicted in a modern CM game. We had the US, Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, but not France.
    Operationnal structure :
    The basic infantry combat squad is made of 8 soldiers: 1 squad leader, 1 marksman, 1 300m fire team with 1 team leader and 2 AT4 soldiers and 1 600m team with 1 team leader, 1 minimi soldier and 1 light mortar soldier. There is 3 combat squad in a platoon as well as one support squad made of 1 squad leader and 2 Eryx teams, which can exchange the Eryx against M240 MGs. Lastly, the platoon is led by a 4 men command team with one platoon leader and its deputy, one radio operator and one medic.
    3 infantry platoons are supported by a weapon platoon with two 81mm mortars teams and two MILAN atgm teams, those teams can also be armed with .50 calls or .30 calls. This makes a company.
    The French cavalry platoon is made of 4 tanks (Leclerc or AMX10RC) and 4 armoured scout cars (VBLs). There is also a recon platoon made of 8 scout cars with different equipments (Milan, .50, .30, etc)
    The compagny is the center of an infantry centric French operationnal Battlegroup. Then, it receives several reinforcements from other arms. Usually, a cavalry platoon, an artillery battery, a engineer platoon, a recon platoon as well as support elements (Snipers, JTACs, Commandos, Logistics, Transmission, Health and Oil services, etc). If the battlegroup is cavalry centric, then, its made around a Cavalry squadron, with the support of an infantry platoon, etc. There is also the possibilty of mixing it up with two infantry platoons and two cavalry platoons, etc.
    Those battlegroups are part of a broader battallion  which can either use them dispersed or together. Usually it's made of 3 infantry compagnies and 1 tank  squadron and the support elements. The proportion between tanks and infantry varies in the same fashion as in BG depending of the need. Nowadays, French troops are always deployed in Battlegroups or Battallions. Regiments, Brigades and Division are only used as adminsitrative command levels in metropolitan France.
    As of 2017, here is a list of indigenous French army armament :
    - Leclerc MBT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX_Leclerc ; http://www.military-today.com/tanks/leclerc.htm
    - AMX 10 RCR wheeled tank: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/France/AMX-10-RC-RCR.php
    - VBCI IFV: http://www.military-today.com/apc/vbci.htm
    - VAB line of vehicles, including ULTIMA version with remote .50 cal, Mephisto version with HOT missiles, 20mm version, etc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Véhicule_de_l'Avant_Blindé
    - VBL scout vehicle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Véhicule_Blindé_Léger
    - PVP liaison vehicle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petit_Véhicule_Protégé
    - 120mm Rifled Mortar, its rifling permits to fire bigger shells (similar effect than 155mm shells) at longer ranges than regular mortars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortier_120mm_Rayé_Tracté_Modèle_F1
    - CAESAR 155mm SPG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAESAR_self-propelled_howitzer ; https://www.army-technology.com/projects/caesar/ ; http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product1470.htm
    - 81mm Mortar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LLR_81mm
    - FAMAS assault rifle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAMAS
    - FRF2 and HECATE II sniper rifles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FR_F2_sniper_rifle ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PGM_Hécate_II
    - MILAN 3, ERYX and HOT 3 ATGMs: https://www.army-technology.com/projects/milan/ ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERYX ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HOT_(missile)
    - Mistral MANPAD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistral_(missile)
    - Tiger HAD and HAP attack helicopters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_Tiger
    - Gazelle HOT scout helicopter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aérospatiale_Gazelle
    - Rafale fighter-bomber: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Rafale
    - Mirage 2000D bomber: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Mirage_2000N/2000D
    France interesting bits of kit :
    - Rifle Grenades, both anti-tank and HE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC58 ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APAV40
    - Infantry mortars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lance-grenade_individuel_Mle_F1_(LGI_Mle_F1)
    - BONUS anti-tank shells: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bofors_155_Bonus
    - SPACIDO precision fuse: http://www.nexter-group.fr/en/press/528-spacido-la-france-engage-la-phase-finale-de-la-qualification-du-premier-systeme-dartillerie-a-correction-de-trajectoire-de-nexter-munitions-et-junghans ; http://basart.artillerie.asso.fr/article.php3?id_article=1341
    - FELIN system, with special optics and improved situation awarness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FÉLIN
    - AASM self propelled stand-off bomb, with a low altitude launch range of 15km, which allows the plane to escape long range anti-air missile while staying out of range of SHORAD systems: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AASM
    Here are some videos where you can see most of the gear I talked about :
    In 2017 in Estonia, where you can how would look like a French Battlegroup in CM:BS  :
    Combat actions in Mali where you can see VBCI, VAB, AMX10RC, shoulder launched Eryx, Rifle grenades, infantry mortar, Hecate II, Tiger, etc
    So, as you saw, lots of interesting and cool stuff could get added into the game with a French DLC. I hope it will convince you ! DOn't hesistate if you have any question.
    Here is a last video to convince you of the awesomeness of the French Army
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    TJT reacted to Pete Wenman in Finally I have completed An August Morning..   
    @dark helix
    Glad you enjoyed it, and finally got to beat it
    This is the training film from my recruit days that was the inspiration for the mission. It obviously made a strong impression on me back in 1984 that I was able to remember it and then find it online. An August Morning was an attempt to recreate the situation shown and how hard it can be to find and overcome even quite a small force.
    It's a just a shame I was not able to make the mission using British troops  !
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    TJT got a reaction from MOS:96B2P in Is Combat Mission BS worth the steep 60$ US?   
    @MOS:96B2P Holy crap. That's a lot of effort you put in to put that list together.
    As an owner of both SF(full bundle) and BS even I learned a lot from it. 
    Give this man a medal!... or at the least a cold beer 
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    TJT got a reaction from Fizou in Is Combat Mission BS worth the steep 60$ US?   
    @MOS:96B2P Holy crap. That's a lot of effort you put in to put that list together.
    As an owner of both SF(full bundle) and BS even I learned a lot from it. 
    Give this man a medal!... or at the least a cold beer 
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    TJT reacted to MOS:96B2P in Is Combat Mission BS worth the steep 60$ US?   
    The below list is some of the things that have been added since the game you are familiar with, CMSF, was released.  Also, CMSF2 is being worked on and will have many improvements.  So if your not sure about CMBS and the demo didn't help I guess waiting for CMSF2 might be an option.  Below are just some of the things CMBS has to offer in addition to what is already offered by CMSF. 
    * WeGo TCP/IP with the ability to save but not the ability to replay combat action.
    * Pausable RealTime TCP/IP option. A player can request a Pause and, if the other player agrees, the game is Paused until both players are ready to continue play.
    * Redesigned Quick Battle Generator that includes the ability for players to purchase formations, units and support, for their own force and for the computer AI. By deleting subformations/units, setting experience, motivation, fitness, and leadership levels, and attaching Specialist Teams and individual vehicles, the player can custom-tailor their force for the mission.
    * Automatically purchased force options are still available for the player and opponent, as well as a "Suggestion" button in the unit purchase screen that will quickly buy a force that the player can then modify.
    * Players can now choose their own maps, and preview maps before playing.
    * Two new camera control modes have been introduced in addition to the traditional Combat Mission controls: First Person Shooter (FPS), and Real Time Strategy (RTS). These new camera controls allow a player the choice to control the in-game camera in a way that is more familiar to other game genres.
    * Hotkey Unit Groups. Select units and assign them to number keys for quick navigation during gameplay.
    * New Load New Game dialog screen. The list of scenarios can now be sorted by size, length, or alphabetically.
    * Improved Saved Game dialog screen. The list of scenarios can now be sorted by newest file, oldest file, or alphabetically, or filter between single player and PBEM saves. Save games can be deleted in the game.
    * Visual Hotkey binding. A new dialog in the Options menu allows you to specify and view key assignments.
    * KIAs are shown in the Soldier/Crew Panels to track soldiers lost during the game.
    * The Ammo Panel has been redesigned: Ammunition is now listed by name and in discrete quantities instead of with icons and depleting bars.
    * Option to disable music separate from other game sounds.
    * FoW floating icons. FoW floating icons. Instead of getting a general area "?" icon and then immediately progressing to an accurate 3D representation, now there is an inbetween stage where you get a icon that represents the general category of enemy unit and no 3D representation. This tells the player "you know roughly what the unit is, but nothing more specific than that."
    * Command lines are back! Command and Control (C3) links can now be shown on the battlefield, allowing you to quickly determine whether subordinate units are in contact with their headquarters. Use Alt-Z.
    * Expanded floating icon categories. New unique floating icons have been added for Ammo Bearer, Recon, Engineer, MANPADS, LMG, Light Truck (Antitank), SPAA.
    * Dismounted vehicles function as Ammo Dumps, allowing formations to have reserve ammo stored separately on map (automatically distributed for certain Skill Levels).
    * Player-placeable static defenses and fortifications such as trenches, barbed wire, and mines.
    * Active Protection Systems (APS) are now available for some vehicles.
    * Some vehicles can salvo fire two ATGMs simultaneously at the same target.
    * Vehicles with laser warning receivers will display hit text warning the player that they have been lased. The vehicle will then rotate towards the threat, deploy smoke launchers and back up to cover, unless it is immediately preoccupied with another task such as engaging an enemy vehicle or moving.
    * Ground units are now able to fire at attacking aircraft using self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles, emplaced anti-aircraft guns, or shoulder-launched MANPADS units. Aircraft that are fired upon may have their combat effectiveness diminished, be forced to abort the mission, or even be shot down.
    * Soldiers with assault rifles are more likely to use aimed semi-automatic fire at distant targets instead of burst fire. Soldiers fire weapons faster at short ranges. MGs fire longer, more accurate bursts. More realistic/varied RoF of automatic weapons. Ammo bearers and heavy weapon assistant soldiers generally use their weapons only at shorter ranges.
    * Soldiers can surrender to nearby enemy units and possibly be "rescued" by nearby friendly units. This replaces the "routing" behavior from CMSF.
    * Wide range of weather types and environmental effects, including rain, fog, heavy winds (with ballistic effects), different types of ground conditions, animated water effects, and more...
    * Vehicles and soldiers equipped with night vision and thermal vision have a significantly improved boost to spotting abilities in low visibility conditions such as night.
    * Buttoned-up armored vehicles spot enemies to their flanks less effectively.
    * Improved UI display for timing of preplanned artillery missions also indicates what delay would be after the battle begins.
    * Small arms fire causes more suppression than before.
    * Game performance for large maps has been increased while load times for large maps have been improved.
    * Maps can now be up to 8 kilometers long or wide (up from 4 kilometers). However, total map size is still restricted to 16 square kilometers. This means that you can make a 2 kilometer wide map that is 8 kilometers long!
    * Conduct combat operations in lush rural landscapes, dense urban settings, or anywhere in between.
    * Heavy Rocks, Heavy Forest, Marsh, and Deep Marsh block all vehicle movement, while Deep Marsh additionally blocks infantry movement.
    * Water terrain types added: Water, Reeds, Deep Ford, and Shallow Ford. Infantry can cross Deep Ford and Shallow Ford, while non-amphibious vehicles can only cross Shallow Ford.
    * Bridges are now available as a terrain type. Bridges come in multiple varieties, including wooden foot bridges, small rural stone bridges, large concrete traffic bridges, and even railroad bridges. Bridge lengths vary from 16 meters to 600 meters long.
    * New and improved tree and bush models added, representing a variety of European species ranging in size from small shrubs to towering evergreens. Forest ground tiles can accompany them for proper forest terrain.
    * Generic buildings can now be up to 14 stories high, and have sloped roofs available in addition to flat roofs.
    * Dynamic, context sensitive equipment loadouts for individual soldiers depending on what weapon and equipment are carried.
    * Expanded Soldier details. A completely new way of assigning models and textures allows greater flexibility and variety of how Soldiers look in the game. It also allows for more flexible Modding possibilities.
    * When available, pre-made soldier appearance options can be toggled in the editor or QB Purchase screen by using the Appearance button. For example, this allows the player to choose between Ukrainian troops equipped with either new digital camouflage uniforms or older TTSKO uniforms.
    * Night vision equipment, such as goggles and weapon sights, will be automatically and visually equipped in scenarios with low-light conditions.
    * Many new soldier animations, stances and positions, including kneeling and sitting positions for crew served weapons, pistol firing animations, hand grenade throwing, crew functions, first aid, and much more...
    * Automatic ammo sharing between nearby soldier Units.
    * On-map mortars, both dismounted and vehicle-mounted, are now available. On-map assets such as mortars are able to fire in both direct and indirect modes, using their own spotters or separate forward observers.
    * Spotters are now restricted to directing only one Artillery or Air Support Mission at a time. Assets can now be group fired by shift-left-clicking them, allowing more than one Asset to be assigned to the same Mission. EXCEPTION: Spotters directing one UAV Observation Mission can also simultaneously direct one Artillery or Air Support Mission.
    * Player-placeable Target Reference Points (TRPs) allow simulating prepared support strikes and ambushes. Support missions aimed at TRPs do not require LOS from the spotter, or any spotting phase.
    * Precision artillery missions are available for Point targets. These missions are only available for certain artillery assets and 120mm mortars.
    * UAV Support Missions are now available. These missions use UAV support assets which can share spotting information with the player and ground units.
    * Helicopter and UAV Support Assets no longer require Line of Sight (LOS) for the spotter to call in a mission. In other words, the mission can be called anywhere on the map.
    * Scout Team Command splits off 2 men to act as scouts.
    * Target Armor Arc Command. Instructs units to engage only armored units within the specified arc. As with nearly every Command, outcome varies greatly depending on unit quality and battlefield conditions.
    * Target Briefly Command. Tells a unit to fire all its guns on a designated spot for 15 seconds, then cease fire.  Issuing the command repeatedly increases the duration in increments of 15 seconds.
    * Mark Mines Command for Engineer teams and squads.
    * Waypoint dragging. A waypoint can be clicked on and moved by dragging it to a new location.
    * Grouped Spacebar Command system. Instead of getting all of the commands in a big list when the Spacebar is used, instead you get four groups of commands: Movement, Combat, Special, and Administrative. Selecting one of these presents the Commands specific to that Commands Group.
    * For vehicles with more than two weapons systems, such as an IFV armed with ATGMs, cannon, and MGs, the Target Light Command will fire only MGs on the target, while the Target Command will allow all weapon systems to be fired.
    * Shaders.
    * Faster graphics, including FPS improvements, especially for infantry-heavy maps and faster video cards.
    * Possible speed improvements depending on video card hardware and drivers.
    * Movie Mode.
    * Bright Night Mode.
    * Hit impacts to vehicles and bunkers now shown graphically ("hit decals").
    * Improved rendering. Normal and Bump mapping allows for more texture detail while using less system resources and improving the pressure on framerates.
    * Independent Vehicles and Specialist Teams can be purchased and attached to any formation, allowing players to tailor their formations.
    * Exit objectives.
    * Improved Scenario briefing format, including a new Designer Notes subsection.
    * "Reduced headcount" option to simulate previously depleted formations.
    * "Ditch Contours" feature. Map editor elevation changes can be "sharp" by holding the control key when clicking tile elevations.  This allows the creation of realistic ditch contours.
    * Ability to create AI Triggers that execute actions based on other units or interaction with Objectives.
    * Improved responsiveness of 2D editing, especially for large maps.
    * Improved load time for 3D Preview, especially large maps.
    * Customized "Mod Tags" for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of Data folder.
    * Ability to specify specific mods be used for a specific Scenario. If CM fails to find the specified mod it will use the default graphics.
    * Auto-Assemble linear terrain tool. Roads, walls, fences, and hedges can now be automagically drawn across the map instead of placing them one tile at a time. The old manual selection interface still exists to allow tweaking specific Action Spots.
    * BMP map overlay. Instead of having to create game maps by freehand you can now trace over a real world map within the Editor. Four different levels of transparency make the process easier by adjusting for different needs as work progresses.
    * More AI Groups. The number of AI Groups available has been increased from 8 to 16. This allows for greater fidelity of AI Plans and their assigned units.
    * Copy and paste AI Plans. Create a solid AI Plan, copy it, and paste it into an unused AI Plan slot. Once done the copied Plan can be modified to make a unique variant without having to build the Plan up from scratch.
    * Combat Victories (Kill Stats) for individual units showing how many and what types of units the soldier or vehicle has eliminated in the mission (totals tracked for campaigns).
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    TJT reacted to Boche in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Charge of the stryker brigade campaign, mission 1.
    The barret Sniper team with overwatch over the river protecting the scouts flank spot a Russian soldier, most likely a team leader, scaning with his binoculars.
    They decide to open fire. Its a 698m shot.
    Fire.....target down. One shot, One kill. Good job.


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    TJT got a reaction from General Jack Ripper in Black Sea II   
    How's the weather in St. Petersburg today?
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    TJT got a reaction from sburke in Black Sea II   
    How's the weather in St. Petersburg today?
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    TJT got a reaction from IanL in Black Sea II   
    How's the weather in St. Petersburg today?
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    TJT reacted to c3k in Naughty or nice... here's some bones!   
    Yeah. I mean, after playing CMBS, how can I play CMBN? You want me to downgrade my Abrams to Shermans? /s
    The engine 4 is vastly superior to 1. This is a huge shift. If the CMSF milieu is not your thing, then don’t buy. If you do buy, you’ll enjoy another CM experience.
    Edited to add: Merry Christmas!
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    TJT reacted to sburke in Naughty or nice... here's some bones!   
    Believe me, it feels like a completely different game.  So many things have changed that you can't even begin to go through them all - stupid little things like walls with gaps that weren't in CMSF.  Map development will be a whole lot different with all the new capabilities.  Moving flavor items with alt-click.  Moving way points after you've placed them.  Then you get into things like target briefly which didn't exist.  BF reworked almost everything so yeah you have to buy it again at a discount.  You thought it should be free?  Damn I need you to come over and work in my yard digging trenches if you think labor should be free.  Let me know when to expect you.
    The big items are ToEs, models etc and ALL the CMSF content that is available.  However don't be fooled. the small things are what will catch you probably more than the big items.  Try building a map with the same level of detail as the later titles and you'll quickly find yourself frustrated by what you can't do that you take for granted now.  Ooh did someone say overlays?
    I get that everybody has their favorites and we all want our favorites at the top of the list, but those that revel in CMSF have waited the longest for an update over any other title.  You've been waiting 3 years since CMBS release for a module?  4 Years since Gustav line for CMFI?  It's been over 7 years since the NATO module and NONE of the version improvements have been applied to the BEST CM game.  So get the hell back in line and wait your turn.  If CMSF isn't your fav then so be it, but don't crap on those of us who have waited all this time as the LAST title to get 4.0. 
    You know what the title will have.  4.0 and all the stuff that made CMSF what it is.  Not to your liking?  No one is making you buy it.  However if like me you find CMSF as the most appealing game of the CM titles, then you really really want CMSF2.  Even at full price it would be a deal.
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    TJT reacted to IanL in Russian army under equipped?   
    LOL - what. The NYT is a very credible new source. After all when they make a mistake they will correct it. Propaganda outlets don't do that. If your handle @AtheistDane is serious then you should value those that seek the truth and not just follow the party line by blind faith.
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    TJT reacted to kraze in BM Oplot needs its ammo choice fixed   
    If we start all being Cpt. Hindsight in here - Battlefront depicts BM Oplots (that are more or less just around the corner and beyond prototype stage in reality and 2017 ain't over yet) but doesn't give Ukrainians UAVs (which the army uses extensively since 2014), thermal vision (which is more or less a thing now on a ground troop level) and has troops wearing dubok camo which nobody wears in the timeframe in reality.
    Battlefront did a well-informed guesstimate but even then, with Oplots, depicted Ukrainian army to be weaker than it should be given improvements in the past 3 years. And that's with a real-life conflict getting localized instead of a bigger invasion which would most likely hurry up things even further.
    The roster for everyone is more than adequate and it is certainly not fantasy like Il2 1946
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    TJT reacted to BTR in Stryker vs Bradley   
    Well there is a vehicle just like the stryker that in fact can swim so the big question is why was this ability dropped and in favor of what was that decision taken?  
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    TJT got a reaction from HerrTom in Stryker vs Bradley   
    The most perplexing thing with the Strykers for me, given one of their raison d'etre ( mobility), is the lack of true amphibious ability.
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    TJT got a reaction from kinophile in Stryker vs Bradley   
    The most perplexing thing with the Strykers for me, given one of their raison d'etre ( mobility), is the lack of true amphibious ability.
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    TJT reacted to BTR in Stryker vs Bradley   
    I think the 30mm upgrade for stryker comes from exactly the same desire to improve vehicle versatility as our 30mm APC projects. It won't necessarily change its tactical niche but expand the application within that niche. Supporting dismounted infantry from a distance with a 30 is a lot easier and more effective than with a .50 after all.  
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    TJT reacted to c3k in UKR artillery observ. vehicle can't call artillery strike?   
    Doing that is like Commissioner Gordon shining the Batman spotlight.
    @Haiduk is a bit of an expert.
    Thanks. This will get dug into.
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