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  1. Here is an example of something we created with Arma 3. Every year for the past 25 years friends come over for a week just to game (called a Loscon!). Using some of the zombie mods and tools people have created for the game, I created a zombie survival mission. It started at night at our "house" (on the island of Altis), and the only weapons we had were whatever guns are at my house. We had up to 8 players participating. We had to get our act together, get down to the county emergency assemble area, then found out that had been over run. Because some of our guys are real life helo pilot
  2. Erwin no need to feel bad about posting a question in the general discussion boards. Our group play a tremendous amount of Arma 3. It is highly capable in many different spectrums. (single player, multiplayer, coop, , not the least of which as a role playing vehicle.) It has great modding and scenario generation tools and you are pretty much only limited by your imagination for what you can accomplish with it.s heavily supported by the community an done of the best gaming investments one can make over a period of time if you are into that sort of thing. If yo have a great bunch of guys to pl
  3. Thanks for posting. I love the map at 1:57, I need that for my back yard!
  4. "Do the Donovians ever win? 😄" Usually they do. "Also, that's a cool avatar you have. AIRBORNE!!!" Was in CSC/1-505th and also B-313th CEWI, so I appreciate your crest as well. 😉 "(I'm curious if the Stryker could carry MORE gear? Sheesh...some of their suspensions looked pretty beat.)" Their Strykers are getting long in the tooth. NTC is hard on equipment, my son's Stryker broke down 50m into the problem so they towed it with another and crammed everyone in one Strykert (It got repaired after a few days) At some point in the vid you see if being towed
  5. I put together a short film of the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat team's recent NTC rotation. It occurs to me that w CMSF 2 coming out some might find it interesting. My son provided much of the helmet cam footage.. You can see the opfor makes liberal use of smoke for mounted movements.. Los
  6. Here's a sample mission for the SBCT at NTC where the unit performed well: http://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine/issues/2017/JUL-SEP/pdf/10)TN3-Courchaine-Stryker.pdf
  7. BTW this kind of map planning is one of my favorite things to do,as much as the battles.
  8. Your best bet is to simply take a screenshot of the map from above. It takes a little tweaking to get it right, using either fraps, printscreen or whatever, then alt-tab out and crop it to a tactical map to print or whatever. Five minutes work, I do it all the time. Then while you are at some boring meeting at work and people think you are diligently mapping out your department's fiscal strategy for the next quarter, you are actually laying out phase lines for the next day's assault. Los
  9. If you want to fight like the Russians then you will need to role play a commander following Russian doctrine.... Los
  10. That's certainly one way...make Russian stuff cheaper to buy. I Don't know if that's the case.
  11. The Russians were incurring massive casualties (by western standards) throughout the war: beginning, end, middle. Even in the period of Bagration they suffered massive losses...worth it of course, at least at this point of the war there was a better ROI for these casualties. So this was hardly a case of Wavell's 30,000 routing the whole Italian army with just a few casualties. It means that if anyone is expecting an easy time for the Russian of a CMRT quick battle where both sides just grab 3000 points and go at it, they might be rapidly disabused... Fortunately as the Russians were
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