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  1. Interesting, If the Soviets seriously thought they could pop off that many nukes on essentially their own warsaw pact border without cooking off Armageddon...well lots of delusion going on there. Los
  2. Would make a good scenario...its been done in Steelbeasts and was a real nail biter.
  3. Guys don’t waste your time scratching your heads on this. In agreement with Splinty. All our USArmy training ranges (typically pop up) had the farthest target out to 300m . With the iron sights it was all you could do to even see anything in the peep sight at that range. The AK47 was even crappier in this regard. Apart from my service I also owned an m16a2 and an akm. The M60 was good reliably out to 800m in bipod configuration and effective with a certain Spread to 1200 in tripod w t&e. An infantry platoon, rifles firing together are lethal out to 250m , and plinking beyond that. Th
  4. US divisions in 70s -80s had a CEWI BN (combat electronic warfare and intelligence). It had three companies. One was a traditional MI company , one was a signal intercept company and one was a ground surveillance company. The GS company had three platoons each supporting a brigade. Each platoon had ground surveillance radars ( first iirc an/pps5 (which they pronounced it”Pepsi” 5,) then by early eighties an/pps-15. It also had remote sensors.( hand emplaced remotely monitored unattended ground sensors using, depending on the type, seismic, acoustic, or and metal detecting. Every line c
  5. Dragon gunners like javelin gunners are typically platoon level assets. You have m72 laws and at4s at the squad level. I was an infantryman between 1978-1987. (And my son is an infantryman now and was a javelin gunner for a while) Also none of us were particularly enamored with the dragon but it was all we had as a platoon asset that could engage things out to a kilometer (iirc) We had several firing malfunctions. The worst, one day while at the range an m47 malfunctioned when it was half way down the range shot straight up then came back at us. Everyone dove for cover as it flew by the
  6. Here is some NTC action as it exists today (taken from my son's deployment 56th Stryker Brigade). Plenty of terrain shots: Los
  7. Here is an example of something we created with Arma 3. Every year for the past 25 years friends come over for a week just to game (called a Loscon!). Using some of the zombie mods and tools people have created for the game, I created a zombie survival mission. It started at night at our "house" (on the island of Altis), and the only weapons we had were whatever guns are at my house. We had up to 8 players participating. We had to get our act together, get down to the county emergency assemble area, then found out that had been over run. Because some of our guys are real life helo pilot
  8. Erwin no need to feel bad about posting a question in the general discussion boards. Our group play a tremendous amount of Arma 3. It is highly capable in many different spectrums. (single player, multiplayer, coop, , not the least of which as a role playing vehicle.) It has great modding and scenario generation tools and you are pretty much only limited by your imagination for what you can accomplish with it.s heavily supported by the community an done of the best gaming investments one can make over a period of time if you are into that sort of thing. If yo have a great bunch of guys to pl
  9. Thanks for posting. I love the map at 1:57, I need that for my back yard!
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