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  1. Konovalov. Yeah, the real deal. There's a plaque for him in Kazan. He ended the war in Germany as a tank battalion commander.
  2. If you ever find your self out in the Northwest--Seattle to be exact--IM me and we'll see what the local breweries have on tap. COVID permitting, of course. Stay healthy, amigo.
  3. Oh and, Vacilllator, to off-topicalify this thread further I want you to know my wife and I visited your neck of the woods two summers ago. A walking tour to be exact, roughly around Taunton to Lynton. It was probably one of the best trips I've taken ever. First trip to England even. What I'd do for a real pasty now. Enjoy your little piece of paradise, sir.
  4. I took that from an actual WWII photo on the Russian front. Must have been Summer '41 even. Sad when you actually see it. The tank in the picture is wrecked and abandoned. That's not a person at the top but a hatch left open.
  5. I understand the frustration. It was rather surprising to have left the community in 2014 and come back 6 years later and see CMRT has had no expansion other than from the player community. Still, there are a lot of games out there. I'm playing Order of Battle among other things. There is Armored Brigade on Steam which is a great, true wargame for the NATO vs WP setting. There's also Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum for the FPS view of WWII. And for the Russian Front(or Vietnam) there's Rising Storm 2. Anyway, it probably doesn't help much pointing this out unless you pull back a bit to a high
  6. Diamond Dogs FTW. Bowie was the best.
  7. The Vistula-Oder strategic operation of January '45 is a textbook example of operational art. Even more so than Bagration. A perfect setting for Fire and Rubble.
  8. Very sorry to hear of Wild Bill's passing. Those were good times back then and it was one hell of a tight knit community back then.
  9. BFC, I remember back when work was being done to make an operational overlay from which to create and link individual CM battles into campaigns, based on a persistent OOB. It was called Combat Mission: Campaign. It never made it due to a number of reasons, and it was focused on the x1 engine. I'm curious as to whether the newest engine(4?) has the functionality to have something like this designed and developed?
  10. Like the old saying goes, "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто." No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.
  11. It is more than a little surprising that I've been gone since 2014 and to come back to see nothing new with CMRT six years later. BFC haven't been slacking however, given all the developments with CMFI, CMBN and the arrival of CMFB afterward. That's a lot of work though not so much for the Eastern Front. CMBB was a masterpiece, however, so I'm confident BFC will make up for the drought. At least they kicked off the new engine on the Russian front in 1944. Barbarossa is overblown 😃 Hey, it could be worse. It could be Bannerlord. Love that game, but the wait was insane.
  12. NKVD had a lot to do with this development, working in hand with Red Army and coordinating with Soviet operations. That was about 1943 roughly. There were airfields in partisan-held territory in occupied USSR with regular flights by U-2 for ferrying officers/agents/wounded.
  13. Great news! Looking forward to Fire and Rubble then.
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