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  1. Go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy and allow your Mac to open the "suspect" CMCW installer.
  2. Yes, there is a Mac version. It runs well on my 2014 vintage Mac Mini but it might have performance issues with the newest Apple computers with the M1 processor. Anyway, if you have a Mac with an Intel processor, you should be able to run it without particolar problems.
  3. Vismod T-44 tanks were often used in Soviet movies as props for German Panzers. Panzer-44: tankist_31 — LiveJournal Moreover, the KV-1 in the movie isn't a real KV but a movie prop with a false turret on an IS-2 chassis.
  4. As you noticed, in 1983 there should be no new piece of kit around that did not already enter service by 1982. On the other hand, new improved ammunition models were introduced in 1983: TOW-2, M833, 3BM26 etc... these could make a difference, although "introduced" doesn't necessarily mean "in widespread use".
  5. Very interesting thanks. BTW, I wonder what the "antitank gun over 100mm calibre" (page 299) could be in 1982, since the 2A45 was still to enter production and service. Maybe 130mm M-46 guns were sometime used as AT assets?
  6. Point taken for the AH-1F/S case. Although I'm still skeptical about the 3BM22/3BK18M upgrade for T-64Bs in 1980. The manual and the patch readme don't explicitly specify years, although both the manual and the readme show a couple typos, so it might also be the case.
  7. Yes. And this answers the original question: is the T-80B in 1980 equipped with a better APFSDS round than in 1979? No, because it won't be possible with the current game engine without renaming it, say, T-80B (1980). Moreover, they wrote in the manual that all T-80s are armed with 3BM22 APFSDS, so I wonder what this "better" APFSDS round might be... Anyway, this is what I got; If I'm mistaken, maybe someone of the devs will chime in to clarify things.
  8. I'm not saying that it is true because it's, in principle, impossible otherwise, I'm saying this is the case because of what the developers and beta testers said about the current game-engine. Please, check this thread: in particular, this post: and (the last sentence of) this one.
  9. All I'm saying is that they explicitly said this is impossible because of how the game-engine is coded.
  10. I presume that with "name" you're referring to "type". Anyway, we do know that the ammo doesn't change because BFC said that a given vehicle can have only a single specific version of a given type of ammo, and something that has a specific name is the same "object" regardless of the year. That is a tank armed with the 105mm M68 gun might have both APDS (say M728) and APFSDS (say M735) ammo, but it cannot have two different kind of APFSDS rounds (say M735 and M774). It's a game-engine thing. Thus the only way to change the specific model of a given type of ammo is to have an identical tank with a different name - e.g. T-72A and T-72A (1980) - yes, I know that the 1980 model sports also additional minor differences (for example smoke grenades) but this is irrelevant to the issue at hand.
  11. I doubt this is the case since developers and beta testers explicitly stated (if I'm not mistaken) that a given tank type always sports the same ammo loadout. I think it's also an engine-feature issue (cannot change the loadout of a vehicle without changing the its name). For the T-72A and the T-72A (1980) the loadout is different but, in that case, the "name" is different too.
  12. I remember the first references to the 82mm Vasilek mortar in Western magazines around 1984-85. Some hyped it as the umpteenth Soviet threat to which NATO had no equivalent/countermeasure, other disparaged it as a poor piece of ordnance, albeit the automatic feed. Anyway, it would be nice to have the 2B9/2B9M in future modules.
  13. IIRC, they said that is exactly what happened. A typo in the patch readme, I presume.
  14. It is also worth noting that a similar problem prompted the adoption of the new Tunguska SPAAG. The ZSU-23-4 was marginal (in terms of range) against TOW and HOT equipped attack helicopters. The introduction of the combination Apache/Hellfire completely outclassed the Shilka, range-wise.
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