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  1. Just a possible minor uniform related issue: Waffen-SS battalion commanders have Wehrmacht caps when in greatcoats.
  2. It would be a nice to have feature. I hope that, eventually, CM titles will feature uniform slots for field officers and NCOs of all the represented nationalities.
  3. I agree with your observation. But, please, notice that I was quoting those figures not because I do believe that the game should model actual weapon effectivenes using firing range data, but because those piece of information could be useful in assessing the relative effectiveness of the PPSh relative to the Mosin (the topic at hand was SMG vs rifle). Yes, it was me. That was also my point. The fact that this view is held by persons that have a different perception of the effectiveness of SMG fire, is a testimony to the logical "neutrality" of this solution. But, as I guessed above and as s
  4. I agree that they should be not firing above 200m but I think that, in the very peculiar situation depicted by the OP and some similar other, that 200m cap could give way to gamey tactics. You know, one thing is avoiding to fire at ranges in excess of 200m because you know that nine times out of ten you'll only waste your scarce ammo supply, another thing is having your enemy dancing in the open just exactly over the 200m mark because he knows that no single bullet will ever hit, ever, and he has the equivalent of a laser rangefinder to assess the range with the required precision. Yes, this
  5. Jason, when I wrote: "Now I still have a problem in taking that comment at face value. There are a number of reasons that let me think that the results are skewed in favour of the SMG" I was thinking about the very same observations you made in your post. Probably I was too verbose and didn't manage to express clearly what puzzles me about the current weapon modelling in the game. I'll try to be more concise: why is the Sten permitted to fire at more than double its effective range and the PPSh is not even permitted to fire at its full effective range? And, please, notice that CM manuals and o
  6. You say that we're talking the same thing. and it might also be. After all, according to the CM manuals, the effective range of different weapons, more or less match what the regulations ad technical manuals say. For example: Sten 100yd (reg.) 100m (CM), PPSh 300m (reg.) 250m (CM), just for comparison the effective ranges listed in CM manuals for the AK/AKM and the AK74 are exactly those listed in Soviet manuals as the ranges at which one expects to obtain: "the most effective fire", that is 400m and 500m respectively. But, generally speaking, even the others ranges I quoted from the CM manual
  7. I'm glad that only the part on firing at aircraft made you chuckle. I presume that this means you have no objections on the other quotes about firing at ground targets! I have no problem in stating that optimal (not maxmimum, nor effective) ranges for PPSh fire are between 100-200m. In fact the Soviet manual for PPSh-41 states that the best range is 200m for short bursts and 100m for long bursts. Well, if I were asking for something like that, I would have quoted the part of the Soviet PPSh field manual that says that bullets retain their stopping power up to 800m. You are totally right.
  8. Maybe it's worth noting what the official Soviet combat regulations for infantry have to say about SGM range: "Submachine fire can be opened at a range of up to 500 meters. It is however most effective against ground and air targets when fired at a range of no more than 300 meters." (for comparison: ordinary rifles, bolt action or semiautomatic, were considered capable of area fire at ranges up to 1000m) In the section about the SMG Squad on the defense, it's stated that: "The submachinegun squad allows the enemy to approach to 100 to 200 meters' range and opens a destructive fire from al
  9. Here's a link to a savegame, so you can see by yourself what I had and how it ended. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31121739/savegame.bts Of course, it worked well also because I was on the defensive and played against the AI. A human opponent, aware of this tactic, might be able to play a smarter cat-and-mouse game to neutralize this ruse. On the other hand, the Russian player might fine tune his tactics also. Increasing the AFVs/TDs ratio is a good idea. Also providing dismounts for scouting, close defence and anti-aircraft protection might be a good idea. What I sa
  10. I found that pairing Khrizantema armed TDs with BMP-3s to provide IR blocking smoke screens is a viable tactic against US tanks. I managed to easily destroy, with multiple frontal penetrations, ten M1A2 SEP tanks (some w/APS) losing only three TDs, and a couple IFVs (smoke cover doesn't last forever). The radar system on the Russian TDs is capable to see through IR blocking smoke effectively while the sensors on an Abrams tank are blinded.
  11. BTW, it would be nice to have different tracers' colours for the two sides. I miss the green Soviet tracers...
  12. It seems that the recent patch did not address the issues discussed above. While playing a scenario yesterday, I noticed that Soviet platoon and company leaders still have the wrong uniforms (i.e. leutenants dressed as privates and captains dressed as junior leutenants).
  13. I noticed that some of the Soviet intantry platoon and company commanders' models lack the rank insigna on their shoulder straps. They sport plain private shoulder straps. Perhaps a minor bug to be considered for the upcoming patch.
  14. It's obvious that, during WW2, the ISU-122 (especially the ISU-122S) was better suited to anti-tank operation than its 152mm counterpart. But during the post-war era, when the necessity to have the heavy assault guns doubling also as stopgap TDs waned, the ISU-152 was the preferred vehicle. It was mantained in production longer than the ISU-122, it was used in frontline units until the early '70s (when replaced with the new generation of SP guns) and it was subject to extensive rebuilds and modifications (the ISU-152K and ISU-152M variants, the latter sporting also IR sights).
  15. "Asino morto", actually. Anyway, the historical accuracy of the repoduction rations for reenactors depicted in the photos is questionable, at best...
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