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Reforger Nostalgia


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1 minute ago, Baneman said:

I've always thought that the Leopard 1 took the title for most beautiful tank. :) 

But unfortunately they made it out of tinfoil!  :lol:

A round from the 2A46 would turn a Leopard I inside-out!  :mellow:

Fortunately they had Leopard II by this point, but I'm not sure if had any significant advantages over the T-80B as we now know it was, as opposed to our wishful thinking at the time (there may be a lesson in that).  ;)

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9 hours ago, Dr.Fusselpulli said:

Well... I know a lot of them saw themselves as "The people that slow down the enemy until a real army arrives".

That wasn't my impression of your fellow countrymen at the time. They were very motivated and trained very fanatically. We often met them in training manoeuvres and on other occassions and they weren't just preparing to 'slow down'. Together with (most) Dutch and British units stationed in West-Germany they were better trained and motivated than for example the US units.

Not saying US units were badly trained though, they were good as well. They would have been the decisive factor of course and we were very happy to have  them around. 🙂

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