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"We're tired of WWII..."

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Well, it does serve to remind us we've been holding the same conversations since Oct '05. It took a year for us just to see screenshots! If anything, BFC's got to appreciate this board for its patience. Simply put, we're still here because CMx1 sounds like its going to be worth the wait.

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Oh, a resurrected thread.

I think that I would prefer to play through a battle past, then play through a battle yet to come.

The operative word is 'play'.

When I play a WWII game, I acknowledge history and what has been done.

When I'm offered a speculative game on current conflict, I see the potential for the crippling or death of my nephews, nieces and the children of my friends.

A lot of the fun spills out when your entertainment is a freshly dug grave, rather than a memorial to the past.

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I could understand if they wanted to take a year off from WWII after doing CMAK but it's been YEARS since that was put out. This wait for another WWII game has been way too long and now it will go on for another year or so.

I will probably end up getting TOW instead but I doubt it will quench my thirst for a realistic, tactical WWII game.

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I could understand if they wanted to take a year off from WWII after doing CMAK but it's been YEARS since that was put out. This wait for another WWII game has been way too long and now it will go on for another year or so.
It would be impossible to make a new game with a new engine in one year. IIRC it took at least 3 years to make CMBO.
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Well I guess we are waiting.

One way to make the new game more appealing would be to allow same force vs same force scenarios. Considering the amount of effort put into trying to make cmbb and cmak scenarios 'balanced' a game capable of producing absolutely balanced scenarios might be more interesting (as it lacks the historical angle)than what might be planned.

We wait : }

In the meantime I continue to gather materials for scenario production to support the modern war and the new World War II game that might come out afterwards. Nothing like a few years of research to fill up the idea barrel. Although the thought of remaking all the existing scenarios is a downer!

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Originally posted by Andrew H.:

People only wnat Sir Paul to play "Let it be" because he hasn't written anything better in the interim. No, not even "Ebony and I-vo-ry." smile.gif

Battlefront, presumably, considers CMx1 to be like "When I Saw Her Standing There" - a good song, but really just the beginning.

Then again, there is the creepy,creepy spectre of Ringo Starr's voice, with his current visage as a 60 year old man running through the mind's eye (err...walking briskly shall we) singing "you're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine."


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Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

V is correct. Although I don't know how people can perform the same song 1000 times in their lifetime, I doubt they could sing the same song all day long for a few years in a row. That's what it is like to work on an intensely detailed type of game, such as CM. But that isn't the major reason we didn't go with WWII.

The major reason we went with contemporary warfare is because we wanted to. Unlike some people on this Forum, we have other interests in gaming. In fact, so do a lot of people on this Forum (though the complainers seem to always miss that fact). We made the decision to go Modern for other reasons that were explained in the Announcement. Namely, to create the most flexible engine we would have been in trouble if we started with WWII or anything earlier.

See... we've always wanted to do other games other than WWII. The CMx1 engine simply wasn't going to allow that to happen. So the primary reason for the CMx2 rewrite was to allow us the ability to do modern, future, ACW, whatever. By definition that means that some of our titles are not going to be WWII. Just so happens the first one isn't and the second one is. It really is as simple as that.

As for the various mudslinging lines of argument (we switched for the money, we siwtched for military contracts, we switched just to piss people off, etc.) all I have to say is... well, nothing. I'd violate the Forum rules if I did. But they are all bunk. What these weenies don't understand is that we've been in talks with militaries, of various sorts, since 2000. Military contracts are terribly hard to get and even harder to fulfill. They are not seen as being our primary bread and butter, so we'd be fools to pursue them at the expense of commercial releases. Maybe during the Reagan era when the Pentagon was handing out money to whomever showed up with a Purchase Order (real or not, accurate or not, reflecting cost or not, etc.), but in this era of tight budgets the money tap simply isn't that easy to turn on.

Anyhoo... someday these childish slaps in our face will go away. But we expected a lot of them and therefore aren't really bothered by them. Just like the ASLers and CCers gave up after a while when we were making CMBO. Or later when CMBOers whined about us going to the Eastern Front instead of back to the Western Front. Which they whined about again when we released CMAK. You guys can be your own worst enemy sometimes.


As a silent observer of online insanity, this post makes a lot of sense.

Why do modern, because it is cool. I hope they do Roman Empire next.

WW2 is cool, but people act like this is something important like a Bren Tripod.

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This is mainly intended for the moderators and developers who are or might be reading this.

Keep your heads up high guys and don't mind the nay-sayers too much. I'm sure many creators and artists get this.

I don't know but I for one was THRILLED to learn you guys were doing a game based on modern day equipment. Don't get me wrong, you are WWII masters but taking a break from WWII isn't such a bad idea. Besides, if I want to play the best WWII war/strat game currently available.. I have CMBB and CMAK to still play (they'll never get old). Yes I do got CMBO but I liked CMAK better.

I'll be buying 2 copies of CMSF now just to show my support in thinking you guys made a cool choice in trying a new era.

Think I'm kidding? You watch I'm dead serious.


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