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  1. Yeah it isn't my first though I haven't played much in the last 10 years. However I discovered the RezExplode thing yesterday through a simple google search about trying to find a way to increase the text size/readability, prior to that I had no knowledge of it and have never used it.
  2. That only works if you own another CM game that has it.
  3. Ahh yeah I just did some quick googling and I was mixing it up with the French removing their forces from the Nato command structure from the 60's on.
  4. LOL when i first saw the last pic I thought the girder bridge was floating above the destroyed bridge.
  5. Didn't the French refuse to deploy outside of France, so Warsaw Pact has to get through everyone else before they encounter the French. For myself I voted the obvious east/west Germans, though if the setting was 1989 I would have nominated the Poles first for the awesome Wz. 89 Puma camo.
  6. Same here, also no RezPack.exe. Bit annoying as I'm getting older and wanting to try and modify the game resolution to make the text readable.
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