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  1. You know, I really have to agree with Cid on this. I absolutely loved the previous CM games and is by far my most played wargames. Please know that I'm in no way bashing CMSF, I'm just concerned over changes to my most beloved wargame series. However, can anybody please tell me why change a system that has served so well in the past? I mean, really, WEGO was great and CMSF obviously took a diffrent direction. But why? Other things that really made me just.. I guess sad is the right word, but why take out a really cool feature like buying your force with points or random map generatio
  2. This is mainly intended for the moderators and developers who are or might be reading this. Keep your heads up high guys and don't mind the nay-sayers too much. I'm sure many creators and artists get this. I don't know but I for one was THRILLED to learn you guys were doing a game based on modern day equipment. Don't get me wrong, you are WWII masters but taking a break from WWII isn't such a bad idea. Besides, if I want to play the best WWII war/strat game currently available.. I have CMBB and CMAK to still play (they'll never get old). Yes I do got CMBO but I liked CMAK better. I'l
  3. First off, great game!! I love the demo! Reminds me of an old favorite board game of mine called "Axis & Allies" except that this is more in depth. I love it! However, I agree with the original poster. I also agree with the reasoning many people gave. We are playing this game to re-write history. Suppose I'm playing the Axis and I'm not content with just Europe? Suppose I wanna go on and try something crazy like land in Canada or even in Washington? I don't see why the war should end in 1946 if the Axis are still going strong. Some people are stating that it should because the US wi
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