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  1. In the first QB I played, my Shermans were hitting the German armor quite a bit but with no penetration. They hit so often but with such little effect that I thought the game didn't have the old "penetration" label anymore. Finally one round did some damage and I saw that all my previous shots were just bouncing off. After the mission ended I found out that they German tanks were Panthers and the results were probably historically sound. In later missions I haven't had much trouble knocking out PZIVs or Marders. With the big cats I have had to learn to use bait, then strike from the s
  2. I agree with this. I also want to bump this thread as I was very confused about the QB purchasing until I found this thread.
  3. Good luck with the project and I look forward to its release.
  4. A few of us are waiting for the 1.03 demo to try out before deciding on buying. It was said that that demo version would really let us see how a mature version of the game plays. Still no word yet, however.
  5. I think that some of the old customers are saying that BFC has already said "forget you all" and they aren't happy about that. If a customer feels that way (and it certainly is an opinion only) then he or she doesn't care what BFC does in the future along those lines. The forums aren't that much different than teaching evaluations. Same class, same lectures, same tests and the folks praise you to heaven and damn you to hell for the exact same things. All you can do is look for the useful gems in both the criticisms and the praise.
  6. I'm not a pooler and I try to avoid the mutherlovin' stench, but my condolences Dale. Keep your chin up.
  7. Hey, Any ETA on the demo 1.03? I think this will be the demo to really be able to test CM:SF. Steve said there would be a 1.03 demo. BTW, do the sites like GameSpot ever update the demos they offer? The last time I checked they had never uploaded the v 1.02 demo - but it has been a while since I looked.
  8. As others pointed out, you might want to fix the errors in your post before you throw too many bricks. This doesn't mean the manual doesn't need help, but your post does not reinforce your qualifications. Being able to edit posts is a wonderful thing.
  9. How long does it take to deploy those extendable braces on the sides? Are they motorized?
  10. I couldn't find the review on PCZone either, but I did find one on PC Gamer. The OP might want to clarify if he is confused or was it a super secret review?
  11. It has probably been explained before and I have forgotten, but why does the status of units, etc. not go back to their original state at the beginning of a replay?
  12. This is one of the times where I always liked the replay and hit text in CMx1. (Before anyone freaks - this is not a CMx1 is great CMx2 sucks comment.)
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