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  1. I'm interested. CMMC (for CMBO - 12 years ago?) was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Given that lots of people tend to drop out as games like this drag on (CMMC was something like 9-12 months?) maybe there should be a more dedicated staff pool (the core players) and then just let anybody drop in if they just want to fight. This way they don't have to worry about being dual hatted as a battle player and a planning player. IIRC in CMMC I wore three different hats at one point.
  2. M48s (or, hell, M60A1s) vs T-64s would be extremely painful...
  3. I always though Northeast Asia (Korean peninsula) would be interesting. Base game = ROK + US vs DPRK. Expansions for PLA, JGSDF, USMC (and maybe ANZAC?) and Russia.
  4. I have pdf copies of all the manuals. Fond memories. One of the first books I remember buying was the Soviet Vehicle Handbook. Loved those color plates.
  5. Ah, OK. CMFI is the one getting module'd up to 1945, not CMBN.
  6. Yeah, IIRC BN is getting another module that covers the Bulge up to May 45? I expect the 3.0 will come along at the same time the Bulge module comes out, with the Bulge including the flamers. I kinda need my Pershing fix.
  7. Basically getting ground truth in engineerese (as opposed to cavalryspeak). Doing stuff like identifying the kinds of vehicles the river ford's bed will support, identify local sources of raw materiel, do an actual eyes-on recon of enemy obstacles, etc. It's about as wide and varied as you can imagine. Cavalry and infantry can (and do) do it too, but engineers have the kind of expertise that's sometimes required. The Army/Marine manual: http://www.fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm3-34-170.pdf
  8. Engineering is a hugely specific task that involves a lot of programming for relatively limited payoff. I worked on an infantry sim years ago and we were asked by an engineering schoolhouse (can't remember if it was Leonard Wood or the Marines) to do engineering tasks - placing and removing minefields, breaching obstacles, combat earthmoving, etc. Some of it we could do with little effort (engineer recon, emplacing some obstacles) but doing many of the tasks in a realistic way would have been exceedingly difficult to do and extremely expensive. So it'd be all that work for a group of features
  9. Hero of the Soviet Union? Maybe not, but this single SU-85 saved my rifle battalion from being annihilated by a heavy panzer recon company.
  10. I loved the CMx1 QB map generator, but I love the 100+ CMBN and CMFI handcrafted maps more. There's absolutely no comparison between those goofy, but random, maps and the maps we get in the CMx2 games. My only wish for the CMx2 quick battles is that the game would pick more diverse opponents for me to fight. It seems like I'm always fighting Stugs or Flak or Recon units for my computer-picked opponents (everything as random and/or unrestricted as it can be). I can't remember fighting straight up German Heer or SS infantry ever. I did see Jagdpanthers in a QB for the first time the other da
  11. That map is beautiful. Kudos to whomever made it.
  12. Disregard - I've just moved halfway across the US for a new job and apparently I left my brain behind.
  13. I'm getting a 'Server License Corrupt' message. I installed the game, it said it couldn't find the activation license thing. I canceled outta that, then saw the hotfix and ran it. Now it says "The license project on the server is corrupt." Not sure what's happening, and the game isn't showing up in any of my installed program lists to uninstall it.
  14. To be honest, most military people don't know any better. When I was in Iraq, we had people who didn't know what the vast majority of weapons and vehicles were, or what they even did. The only time someone may have known was when they operated the system (i.e. tankers, MRAP drivers, etc) or who had been engaged by the system before (i.e. infantrymen knew their small arms, engineers knew their IEDs) but otherwise unless you had a serious geek out there (like me) they were completely ignorant - even at the senior NCO and officer levels.
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