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  1. So I just popped in to see how things have been going over the last year or more and just saw the sad news of Berli's passing. I will raise a glass or 12 in his memory today.
  2. I'll second Huzzar, played it first as Germans and now my opponent and I are playing it through again after swapping sides.
  3. Haven't played the final mission yet but I found that crossroads one easy, didn't lose one vehicle and the Americans ended up surrendering - which was good because I would have struggled getting enough vehicles to the exit zone having to weave through all the burning US vehicles. I think final results had me with 5 men dead 5 men wounded and that was it. I destoyed all the US vehicles except for 3 HT's which were hiding behind bocage on the extreme left edge of the map.
  4. This thread makes me think of the 70's.
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