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  1. Something else I learned - if two Hellcats are together when one blows up it will blow the other one up too
  2. How would you say they perform in comparison to Sherman "east eights" in CMAK battles vs. German armor?
  3. Can anyone suggest the most balanced months of the war for a Meeting Engagement in North Africa? The nations would be unrestricted.
  4. Try dkblitzer(at)gmail.com - thanks...
  5. Some help at the Blitz... http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=48351
  6. Why can't I view the pics that go with this thread? They all have a little white box with a red "x" in it. My view pics option is already checked in mu user cp.
  7. The best way is to avoid heavily wooded maps - stick with moderate trees setting and fight at ranges of 80-120 meters instead of up close. Try to get the flags first and don't let them get close enough to really hurt you. Use any supplementary HE you have to help break them. You won't win up close against SMG troops - firepower is just too great.
  8. Yeah that's true but I was looking for a more lazy way...
  9. Yeah see all of that is Soviet on my screen so something is screwy - thanks for the info...
  10. I recently started a QB in May '45 and chose a Polish SMG company just for fun along with some Polish support units. In the game, however, they all are Russian, with Russian flags and uniforms. Are Poles modeled as Russians in the game or did one of my past mods eliminate them? (lol)I saw a Polish infantry mod a CMMODS but was concerned that it would turn ALL Russian infantry Polish.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to make a mod where heavy buildings have an "H" on the roof or something to identify them for their superior cover? I'm not a modder so don't know if the same skins are used for both buildings or not.
  12. *** SPOILER FOR MOBILE DEFENSE *** Just did a count and the Russians get 41 AFVs: 19 vet, 16 crack, and 6 elite. The Germans get 16 AFVs: 3 vet, 13 crack, no elite, with seven of the 16 vehicles being on fixed carriages with paper thin armor. I think you are right - the Russians could lose if the commander for some reason barely moved forward, but against an average or better opponent I can't imagine any kind of armor fighting skill that would save you.
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