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  1. Well just checking back in opened up CM to look up a scenario setup sheet and steal some of my own info for another project!
  2. My pleasure in some ways I enjoying making those 200+ scenarios as much as playing the game. On the translations, my Libyan contact disappeared and I haven't heard from him since the civil war started. My Syrian contact now lives in Dubai and is a supporter of the regime. My Palestinian contact has become an American and his first name is 'Jihad'.
  3. After thirteen years of great entertainment and fun I played my last CM battle last week, from a habit of a half dozen battles a day and having three or four PBEM always ongoing. I kept at least one PBEM going all those years, until the last one finally ended - in victory. Moving on now Thanks for the the great game!
  4. Yes that is the problem we have encountered, the code will not load. ie the game doesn't work as sold to us
  5. I get no response to bug messages on the program's PBEM function not working
  6. Linear targets were done by individually ploting different aim points for each gun in the battery, ie each gun was given slightly different data. Needless to say this type of mission needed to be preplanned.
  7. I'm running a PBEM game from a laptop and would like to move that game from the original laptop to another computer. I tried moving the PBEM data file but that didn't seem to work. Is there a process or is it not possible?
  8. Good idea but isn't it a few years too late? I applaud the effort but why now? I suspect that the playing of CMBB and CMAK will go one for many years. If all the support for these games were placed into Battlefront, then if Battlefront were to shut down all this material would then be lost. I think of PanzerBlitz, which is still being played, and what would have happened if all the new materials for that had been entrusted to Avalon Hill. However I don't think the fully developed and mature fan supported sites are going to fold up - why would they? So what exactly would this new site provide? Now here is a problem, I have about 200 CMBB and CMAK scenarios - how would these be transferred to this new mega site? Electronically? ok. Slowly uploaded as I did from the old TSD to TSDII? I don't think so. Again I think the idea has merit but the present environmnet may not support its success.
  9. Over at the depot I have a number of early war, especially 1940 French vs German plus a 22 scenario campaign (1st Panzer Division)
  10. Short answer Yes! An elite FO is more accurate than green. Even so a crack gunner would miss occasional, reflecting the reality of artillery - which isn't unreasable considering the CEPs of those weapons.
  11. yep I used that method (artillery fire representing a timed demolition of a bridge) however even with a TRP the damn round sometimes missed! You can use mines to block a bridge representing "damage" then engineers can clear it. I used that a number of times and it works well.
  12. I did a number of those types of scenarios. I often used a FO unit (large point value) stripped of any ammo as a "target" or "VIP". Generally CM is poorly suited for such scenario but you can come up with an approximation. Oh and no you cannot dig in anything that doesn't have a turret (AFAIK)
  13. Howdy Rocketman Yes at The Scenario Depost II Most of the CMAK SBs are AI designed. If you want a campaign that is 21 scenarios vs the AI you can try The First Panzer Divisions attack into France in June 1940 http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/scenario_details.html?command=search&db=scenarios.db&eqskudatarq=643
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