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  1. Howdy Rocketman Yes at The Scenario Depost II Most of the CMAK SBs are AI designed. If you want a campaign that is 21 scenarios vs the AI you can try The First Panzer Divisions attack into France in June 1940 http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/scenario_details.html?command=search&db=scenarios.db&eqskudatarq=643
  2. Try Byte Battles and Small Battles SB scenarios
  3. Well dang Now all my old (SWAG) maps and scenarios are wrong! BIG Thanks nonetheless Alsatian
  4. A splendid campaign. I did some WWI scenarios in CMBO but nothing to this level of achievement. Well done. Try some slow under armoured tanks. Very interesting
  5. Not to worry Bert I was commenting on the lesser amount of traffic on these forums today versus the 'Golden age' a few years ago. CM the games are still alive and well - and I'm awaiting CMSF. Heck still play cmak and cmbb nearly every day!
  6. Glad to hear you will still be designing! I had taken the first message as another sign of the decline of the cm world.
  7. Thanks guys! Great stuff...now I find that some of my guesstimate maps for parts of France were wrong.... Horrors
  8. Hey Michael What do you need? If you don't find one - and you only need a small scenario let me know and I can create one for you, in no time at all. Just need any parameters you might like. Location, time, terrain, etc. Send me an email at Wayne100@emirates.net.ae, as I'm down to weekly visits here. Hans
  9. Information request Designers: Could you be so kind as to ID any scenarios that you have made that involve the 1st Panzer Division (not the 1st SS Panzer Division)? Thanks in advance. Wayne100@emirates.net.ae
  10. Question gentlemen I'm firing up my old CMBO after many years and find two versions, 1.12 and 1.24 what is the difference? I noted that the Battlefront download only has 1.12 so what is the story? Thanks
  11. Hey Bannion My first look thru didn't find that document. I tend to discard information from completed scenarios but I believe I would have kept that as it arrived by snail mail. I didn't have google maps at that time and had to make due with a very crude sketch map. Will make another sweep of the documents tomorrow.
  12. Hey Bannon I too made a scenario out of this incident, listed as SB Hussars at Medicina located at the Depot II. Might be interesting to see how we differed in constructing it.
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