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  1. Well well well. Let's have a look in this thread over the last 24 hours. The first thing I am struck with is the whining. Yes that is right, whining, from BFC. Then we have the usual clueless retard opinions about USA being 'da best' and then there is the name calling by Steve - FWIW 'childish' really sticks in the throat. You have no idea at all. ISTM that anyone who thinks that an Iraq simulator is not a good idea is automatically abused by BFC and subsequently the occasional redneck joins in when he feels safe. Off the top of my head I could not think of a more deplorable idea for a
  2. Oh rah-rah, but I'm not going to start on who invented what. I don't mind playing as the US from time to time, but not having the option to do anything else for the next couple of years from what was the brightest star in computer wargaming is pretty poor. I and probably others don't want an anything centric game - we want choices. Oh and I don't doubt Steve that your income from military contracts is not your primary source, but by god you'd like it to be wouldn't you. Having a product to show is an important step. If you weren't looking for that kind of action then you could have chosen
  3. Except that is 6-12 months on top of whatever the development time for CM Screw Forigners turns out to be. For those who would be less than thrilled with having to play a computer game entirely as the US we have another 6-12 months wait for a *possible* non-US centred game on top of that. In short, unless you are an American it's all vapourware. Even if you are American, your WW2 'module' is still so far away as to be a definite maybe dependant on many things. Their financally prudent choice no doubt, and I guess if the Iraq simlulator goes down well with the military then they won't ne
  4. Because after licencing CMAK to the Aussie DOD they can see the potential of making a game which is a thinly veiled attempt at an Iraq simulator and rely on the redneck dollar to keep them going while they hawk it around. That help?
  5. Good grief, CMx2 fanboyz are already here! There is no whining - it is hard to whine about something which does not exist. There is an expression of one customers thoughts FWIW on the potential pitfalls of games design.
  6. Ah OK then. Please go ahead and release multiple products which will bore me within days. Yeah I'll keep coming back to buy your future releases - sure.
  7. Gah! Who cares about graphics. Hopefully the devs aren't going down the Total War series route, where they are so pleased with their new graphics engine that the basic underlying game gets worse. AI, Improved QBs, Multiplayer, Campaign, OOBs, Graphics in that order for me please! I'm dreading it being a gee-whizz graphics fest restricted to pre-designed (and flawed like most are) scenarios only. It would have a lifetime of days instead of years like the old CM.
  8. Please Change: 1) Drop all placeholder graphics - they ruin immersion. Fewer units done well is better. 2) Rolling barrages (plan at scenario start, shift barrage to location X on turn Y etc). 3) AI artillery - especially pre-planned barrages. Simply shelling a random terrain feature near to any objective at the start would force players to rethink deployment, and definitely help the AI attacking. Especially useful if combined with rolling barrages shifting between several random terrain features near to objectives. No more useless drops in the middle of nowhere and players stuffing h
  9. Just when I thought I'd put CMAK away for good the one Mod I had always wanted arrives. Cheers Mikey!
  10. Ooops. Wrong thread. Still think that girl has a nice bum though.
  11. Stuarts... The model in the middle is also a 'Normandy' model with the highly effective MkXVIII aim-spoiling and Landser-lure device attached to the hull.
  12. Cheers MikeyD. You have single handedly re-awakened my CM habit with these mods, the missus will be so pleased.
  13. Thanks, I'd be very interested in your pictures and stories from the trip. Hopefully I'll be going there myself next year.
  14. Oh you lucky man, Sicily is top of my 'to visit' list, one day. It's not WW2 but I recommend 'The Normans In Sicily' by JJ Norwich. It would be a great travel companion as you'll be around some of the key sites from that golden age. It's an absolute joy to read and my favourite medieval book by a long, long way. [Edit: URL fun] [ June 02, 2005, 01:36 AM: Message edited by: Pheasant Plucker ]
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