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It is because of times like these that man created maximun strength Excedrin.

OK, the correct file went out just now. I tested the pw just before attaching it, something I should have done with the first one.

If you have any problems with it, e-mail me.

One important note:

Keep the latest game file saved on your computer. If for whatever reason we need to bring in a replacement, that saved file could be the difference between picking up where your opponent left off, or having to start all over again (which under most circumstances I won't allow).

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Originally posted by Vadr:

I've got the Allied briefing for Wet Triangle and that's it. That seem right for Group 2?

It is right for half of group 2, the allied half of which you are a part of ;)

Scroll up a couple of post to where I explain why you got only the allied briefing

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Ah, other briefings and saved game files.

Those are going out as we speak.

OK, by now everyone should have received the appropiate files for the first scenario - "Wet Triangle" - and should have their games underway. Please e-mail me if you are still experiencing problems or have questions.

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Have received one each ROW V briefing, but don't know whether I got a Rev 0 or Rev 1 version. Pretty much moot presently anyway, since have heard nothing from anyone on the Mac lending front. Have been poring over online ads (huge price drop for earlier towers following arrival of Mac mini) and may be able to do something cybernetic next week, as am selling for cash some large pieces of fairly expensive furniture at attractive prices and ad debuts on Wednesday in high readership (millions) PENNY SAVER. Wish me luck!

(switches to Mission Impossible briefer VO)

"As always, Kingfish, should you deem it necessary for the good of ROW V, participant Kettler is regrettably expendable."



John Kettler

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The e-mails I sent you include a list of opponents for each scenario. You should only send files to the person directly opposite you on that list, not everyone on the list.


Steve McClaire JPS

John Kettler Yacinator

Renaud Stikkypixxie

JPS is the axis player for Wet Triangle, and should send his file to (only) Steve McClaire. Yacinator sends to John Kettler, Stikkypixxie sends to Renaud.

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(Interior shot. Participant Kettler opens E-mail from Kingfish and reads it with a mixture of dismay, understanding, frustration, sadness, and resigned acceptance.)


(Kettler begins to dissolve before our eyes, becoming more and more transparent and insubstantial before disappearing altogether. As he dissolves we hear:)

"Farewell, troops! Fight hard and well. We shall meet again. Kingfish, WineCape, my regrettably unscathed foes, all you anonymous designers, and everyone else who made ROW V possible, thanks for the chance. Time to call up the Reserves!"


John Kettler


Am destroying the briefing files.

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