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  1. Will it be possible to make your own code for infantry?
  2. Does tht mean that in order to mod infantry you'd have to write your own code using XML to describe how it moves etc, or will modding infantry (unless on wheels or tracks) will be impossible?
  3. I'm done with all the battles except Malme. I have 2 turns to go for that one but renaud is not responding. When are the AARs due? Should I send them to Kingfish or who?
  4. And I have a portable black hole.
  5. Ok so it will be possible to mod ****ty infantry. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Oh so modders won't be able to add new vehicles? Cuz theoreticaly you can make a vehicle look like an infantry man can't u?
  7. Will it be possible to mod a "vehicle" that looks and behaves like an infantry unit?
  8. What about that Linux port I've been waiting for? </font>
  9. Will it be possible to ask infantry or other vehicles what they see?
  10. Yes, you can do it, but you risk collision or at the least track damage in most cases. (make sure you rotate the gun to the rear before attempting it ) Martin </font>
  11. I fixed it by turning of aa. Sorry to bother u.
  12. I ahve an ATI X800PRO card and I just dl'd the latest drivers. The problem is that in 3D all the text is either completly whited out or the text is light blue and it's surrounded by white. Also sometimes in 2D all the text dissapears. Plz help me.
  13. Very true always make sure to get the latest drivers. For example, updating the drivers for my x800pro made a humongous diffrence. I went from like 3700 sumfink in 3dmark05 to like 4440 ! Thats like ~20% diffrence!
  14. I have an FPS related question, if your tank is knocked out or damaged can you get out and fight on foot or is that mission over?
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