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  1. Having served in two branches, and in two vastly different fields, I can only agree with you up to a point. In the Navy, where I served in a technical billet, some of the junior officers were not, imho, 'top-notch' (tho many were). OTOH, with a few notable exceptions, the infantry officers I served with were excellent. Competent soldiers and good leaders who took their jobs very seriously. Maybe I was just lucky, but 2 out of 3 company commanders I served under, and most of the junior LTs (after they had aquired some line experience) were men I would stack up against anyone. Further, I thin
  2. Interesting discussion. Disclosure: I'm a volunteer veteran (Navy avionics tech and Army infantry). I served 10 years and I've been out of the military almost 20 years now. To address the original point of the thread: There are two groups in our (American) society who are, imho, drastically underpaid: Teachers and Soldiers. I see nothing wrong whatsoever in increasing the various bonuses provided to the troops, and I'm especially in favor of weighting those bonuses toward combat arms. If I were President, my first act would be to ram a bill through congress doubling or tripling the pay for
  3. That's a CMBO operation. You can find it at the scenario deport.
  4. Just recently finished it H2H and had a great time. I had the Americans and my opponent tried to stand back at long range and use his superior guns and optics. Didn't work out all that well for him. He eventually took the objectives, but the cost was high. Very high. Can't really suggest any tweaks. As you say; it's a lot of fun if you like massive tank battles and lots of blowed-up armor. The map gives the attacker a lot of different options. I'd call the replayability factor pretty good. Make some more CMAK operations Iron Duke. "Counterattack at Sarrebourg" is still one of my all
  5. I always enjoy your ops Iron Duke. Please do keep turning them out.
  6. All first round scenarios complete. You slackers need to get with the program...
  7. Ok. Fair enough. The people seem to be speaking contrary to my opinion in the other thread so far, we'll see... BF42 has sold a lot more copies than CM I'm sure. I understand the commercial realities. I've enjoyed your games and appreciate your efforts. Wish you great success going forward.
  8. OK, Steve has said (here): So let's please, please, please try to keep this short and sweet, and give the BFC guys some direct, simple feedback from the people who populate this forum. More, rather than less, roundly... If CMx2 is released without a PBEM option, would you: A - Buy it B - Not buy it ?
  9. Really? The first sentence quoted is the most interesting to me. I see that polls are disabled on the forum, but I shall attempt a small experiment, and pray your indulgence... As far as "laid-back" vs "hard-core"; anyone who frequents the Warbirds forums will tell you that I am at my most laid-back here. Hey, it's your game and you do what you wanna do. You've been hitting them out of the park so far with the CM series. I've been a big fan for a long time. I've bought copies for myself and bought copies to give to fellow grogs as gifts. You release CMX2 with anything that remotely resemb
  10. If there's no PBEM, I won't buy it or play it.
  11. One suggestion: it would be nice to be able to read other players' AARs for battles we have finished before the end of the tourney. I finished Maleme this week and am not likely to remember much by June... </font>
  12. ...and for those of us who do not require zipped files; it creates just one more hoop we have to jump through... Sounds like a great tool, please pay attention in it's use. [ February 15, 2005, 05:14 PM: Message edited by: Vadr ]
  13. 1 down. 4 to go. Game results and AAR sent.
  14. All games moving forward and some are quite well along. GaJ, I haven't heard from you since Thursday. I resent 006 to you; am expecting 007.
  15. Hey I was just kidding about the curve-ball with the demo charge; it really was a splitter...
  16. Emphasis: happily (tho I'm sure that will change)
  17. At the risk of stating the obvious; it doesn't seem to be making life easier for everyone...
  18. ^ He sent me a file called pbem.pbm. try renaming it pbem(or whatever).zip and opening it up. it's got directory structure in it, drill down to the file and cut-n-paste it wherever you need it. C'mon GaJ; get with the prgram here... Man that was funny. Don't worry ken, I'm sure you aren't the only one to make that mistake (just the only one to post here about it). Games in progress with all opponents. I hate RoW scenario designers.
  19. All briefings in, all setups out. What's that sound I hear?
  20. From the website linked above:
  21. I'm a Vet Sergio. I understand why I only got the Allied briefing. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any other briefings or saved games that had been sent out.
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