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Originally posted by GreenAsJade:

OK, OK, I'm working on it! We've got till June or somefink :)

(I'm also trying to finish the next verison of McMMM, which I didn't quite get done before ROW V fired up, much to my dismay!)

Agreed,no rush, I was just posting a status report,take your time.
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GreenAsJade -

I can't open the file you sent me. I'm guessing it has something to do with PBEM helper ( which I don't use ) but it's not a regular PBEM txt file. Any advice or help appreciated. Thanks.

Alkiviadis -

I'll be working on the Moltke Bridge setup tonight.

The rest of my games are underway and running smoothly.

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^ He sent me a file called pbem.pbm. try renaming it pbem(or whatever).zip and opening it up. it's got directory structure in it, drill down to the file and cut-n-paste it wherever you need it.

C'mon GaJ; get with the prgram here... ;)


Captain Unconscious

Man that was funny. Don't worry ken, I'm sure you aren't the only one to make that mistake (just the only one to post here about it). smile.gif

Games in progress with all opponents. I hate RoW scenario designers.

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Originally posted by Ted:


What exactly are the plans for future updates to the RoW?

Do you plan on just updating the first page?

I’m confused (but no surprise there).

Cpl Carrot is working on an update section to the ROW page.

As of right now there is nothing new to report. Things are rolling, one new guy came in, and the hatred of the designers begins to fester.

You know, typical ROW stuff.

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Or possibly RL?

I have one set-up pretty much done (Maleme) and will work on the second/third tonight (St Edouard and Highlander).

I have not received the set-ups for either of the two CMBB scenarios from my opponents as of yet by the way.

Anyhow the three CMAK files should be sent out from me by Friday night at the latest.

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