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  1. Oh, one more thing for Joachim: You can have a bad strike even when you see a spotting round. This is the SECOND spotting round you're seeing. The first doesn't fire due to LOS block, then LOS clears, the second round fires; but the strike is still off-target. The first spotting round MUST fire for a strike to be accurate. EDIT: The "Wicky Strike" proved that LOS to the target point does not have to be established at the time of targetting; but the spotter still has to have LOS at the time the first spotting round is DUE to be fired. No LOS at that exact moment (dust) means no first
  2. First, let me say that my contribution to the original post here is limited to the section, "How Off-map Artillery REALLY Functions", and everything below that. Somebody else wrote the rest. Joachim, CMAK and CMBB work the same way. It's just that in CMAK there is dust, which causes more blocked LOS at the critical moment. Copied from my work above: How To Hit Your Target Every Time This section deals with guns ONLY. There is never any guarantee with rockets. I'm also assuming the spotter remains unmolested during the delay period, and while the strike is underway. Accurate
  3. Colonel Deadmarsh, No CMBB version is available. Treeburst155 out.
  4. Yes, Exeter won on the first try; but he lost a high percentage of later attempts. He has not yet solved the puzzle. His Shermans are exploding as I type. Aaah, life is good. Treeburst155 out.
  5. GAGA, Email me if you want tips to win the scenario. I don't want to post stuff like that here. Grog Dorosh, WHERE'S THIS SCENARIO YOU MADE!? Sheesh....grognards. Treeburst155 out.
  6. You're right, Brent. This little puzzle would be more interesting to those who are fairly new to CM. Anyone who finds themselves fighting traffic jams could learn quite a bit from this one. Treeburst155 out.
  7. Keep trying, Brent! You'll figure it out...or die of old age.....or smash your computer in frustration.... Treeburst155 out.
  8. Yes, Brent, he used the "Distraction Method", something I didn't foresee players trying to do. The HQ's are there soley to make sure the gun is spotted the first time it fires. The gun also has HQ units to make sure it spots any enemy armor immediately. Treeburst155 out.
  9. Only a few hearty souls have requested this scenario. These few will soon become CM road movement experts. The rest of you will wallow in traffic jams and pile-ups, loudly cursing CM road movement, while your men on the front get overrun by the enemy. This does my heart good. It makes my day. If only you could have gotten there a couple minutes sooner........ Treeburst155 out.
  10. Zweihorn, I sent the scenario to the address in your profile. ________________________________________ Black Max has solved the puzzle; but he invented a new way to do it. His method will only work against the AI, while my intended solution will work against an experienced human. This means I will not be depressed over Black Max. He has NOT contributed to the ruination of my health and happiness. Keep trying, Black Max. Win the scenario without giving orders of any kind to your spotter units. Treeburst155 out.
  11. Now GAGA, if you're winning repeatedly, you must have figured out the puzzle. You can't be THAT lucky. So....Congratulations! You are now on the list of those people I will never EVER forgive for solving my puzzle scenario. Treeburst155 out.
  12. Walpurgis Nacht has solved this puzzle scenario. The man ruined me in the ROW tourney, and now he's ruined my health and happiness too by solving my puzzle. I will never EVER forgive him for this. Treeburst155 out.
  13. Here's another one for you. The briefing: CM Puzzler #2 This little scenario will test your skill at efficient movement along roads, a tedious but necessary CM skill. With practice, road movement in CM becomes much less unpleasant. I actually enjoy it now. A well-plotted convoy is a beautiful sight to behold. You must exit all four GERMAN halftracks off the EAST edge of the map before you get cut off (and cut down) by enemy armor. Choose the Axis side and use the default setup for the Allies. My record for exiting the convoy is 4 minutes and 46 seconds. If you take much longer th
  14. Thanks, GJK, for all the hard work on this. I say do it how you want. We can all gripe about it later. Treeburst155 out.
  15. Yes, it's true. GAGA won the scenario. I would be severely depressed right now except for one thing. He got EXTREMELY lucky. He won't win again that way....I hope. Please no...I couldn't take it. Congrats, GAGA! Now win it again. Figure out how to win every time. Treeburst155 out.
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