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  1. CMBN no longer loads..? I haven't changed anything that I remember.
  2. North Korea becomes parody of itself; threatens world for ONE MILLION dollars!
  3. Was that an AP round? I still think the battlefield lethality needs to be toned down. Frustrating at times. My 2 cents.
  4. What Mike is saying is that tank riding will not be in the first release- Bagration...which IIRC will be engine 2.0 not 3.0.
  5. Really? You're complaining about a Cat 1 storm and you never lost power. I don't recommend retiring in Florida.
  6. I play PBEM so this is usually not an option...In CM1 units had an inherent SOP to unhide for self preservation.
  7. As others have said, the problem is units will not unhide, even when they are in mortal danger; I've had hiding troops shot execution style in the back.
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