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  1. And here is one now. Feel free to send a save if you have one my way. r bunting 109 @ gmail dot com (remove spaces)
  2. Another update for you guys: Unfortunately Johnsy is working through some health issues and so we will not be continuing this AAR. Hopefully the release of Market Garden will reduce your disappointment - along with Bil and Ken's ongoing scrap. So perhaps next time. R
  3. OK so here we go.... My setup is much the same as the previous game - there is only so many places to put stuff. I correct the placement of the AT gun under the bridge, and a few other tweaks, such as using the jeeps to keep my mortar crews in radio contact, freeing up a HQ unit or two, which has to be a good thing. (right?)
  4. I promised an update so here you go: Readers would have noticed that we found a few bugs in our battle, and as a result we have been unable to continue that AAR (not being able to cross the bridge is a biggie). However, Good News Everybody! The bugs have been fixed (and lots of others) and Johnsy and myself have restarted the battle using a much more recent build. We have nearly caught up to where we left off, with a few changes to results (consider this an alternative universe). I will be recapping the turns early next week (sooner if you are all good), and then we should be back to ou
  5. Hi guys. We have hit a few snags in this battle, but I should have a proper update for you later today or tomorrow.
  6. Spoil sport Just imagine him gunning the engine and a loaded pistol at the ready, all set to tear off over the bridge. At least I will get his license plate.
  7. The following takes place from 1:52:00 to 1:51:00 My sharpshooters continue to take toll on Johnsy's HMG's, picking off another 3 men. A halftrack climbs onto the road and is meet with a round from another 6 lb AT gun. The gunner is hit and it backs off before another round can be sent its way. Johnsy is now definately aware of 3 AT guns and has removed one of those. Hopefully the others are still a surprise. Back in the city there is another vicious firefight. Johnsy's men are quick to run away when the pressure is on them, but it takes a fair few rounds to make them do so.
  8. Nah, I just needed something to draw you guys back in after the AAR got derailed with all the fuss over Shrecks etc being able to fire in buildings.
  9. The following takes place from 1:53:00 to 1:52:00 Sorry for the wait guys. Hopefully you haven't given up on this. Johnsy keeps plugging away at my AT gun crew with his Stummel and HMG's. My sharpshooters return fire, finally hitting someone. My remaining crew survive the barrage and huddle under the bridge. The AT is still abandoned, but I don't think I will be returning to it. Something I will need to think on. Over in the city, Johnsy can be seen moving some troops around, but all in all fairly quiet. The sole survivour from Johnsy's stranded team, sticks his head up and
  10. And that is the conundrum I face. So here goes: One of the urban combat improvements is that infantry anti tank weapons (Bazookas, Panzerfausts, Panzershrecks) can now be fired from buildings, with negative affects being applied to those around the launch. This can be suppression, injury or both. Weapon type affects the degree of the negative affect. It has never been my intention to play with you guys or drag things out (and I don't like just ignoring questions you guys ask). I expected our turn rate to be higher and therefore increase the likelihood of showing off this change.
  11. I can't image Battlefront would condone me deliberately lying/misleading you guys. This is my first AAR for them (and you) and I hope not my last. I am waiting for some evidence before I let you guys know exactly what one of the changes is. Unfortunately we are now caught up turns wise and Johnsy is away again so I may have to rethink my plan.
  12. The following takes place between 1:54 and 1:53. All events occur in WEGO. (Is that what you wanted Ian? ) Johnsy continues to pour fire from his flanking position (the two buildings middle right) into my abandoned positions in the city - which is a good thing. The more time he spends do this the less he has for actually shooting my guys. And he might have to hurl some insults himself The AT under the bridge does not last long, the green troops abandoning it as soon as they can and legging it as fast as they can. Some not fast enough though. Another Stummel is spotted.
  13. I have two jeeps with 250 rounds of 9mm each (and 600 rounds .303) and a bedford truck with 300 rounds 9mm (and 2k+ rounds .303). Both are back with D company. So 9mm ammo could be in short supply. Might be reduced to hurling badly accented insults before this is all over.
  14. And you would be correct. Nothing new there. Someone has hit the nail on the head though.
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