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  1. No problems adjusting to modern combat here. My problem is adjusting to the fact that "CMSF is NOT CMBO". Boy, ain't that the truth!
  2. von Nev, Wow! Less than 10 CMSF games for every 500 CM1 games at The Blitz?! That is a good indicator of just how much of a disaster CMSF has been....so far.
  3. Hello Abbott, thanks for the welcome. As Thewood stated, it's been three months since release. Maybe in about three MORE months they'll get this thing worked out.
  4. I still want CMSF. Did they say when the release version will be ready? I'm tired of the beta.
  5. It's kinda sad to read so many negative posts from the lower member numbers. Sigh....the glory days are gone. I'd guess the percentage of CMSF owners that will buy the next offering will be under 25%. I certainly won't. Treeburst155 out.
  6. Greetings Grog Dorosh! Beauty queen? Ah yes, what was her name?? I can't remember now. I wonder if she still has an active account?? What was her name? I could make a really bad terrain mod for CMSF; but at this point it doesn't need one. It isn't playable enough to be worth the time....or I would certainly do it. Treeburst155 out.
  7. I'm deeply disappointed in the Penglican Congregation. By now its clergy should have moved the Mutha Beautiful back to the CMAK forum. Do you not comprehend the apostate nature of CMSF?? This is not Combat Mission. It's not even close. Repent! Forsake your CMSF sin! Move the Mutha Beautiful back to the Forum of the True CM! Bishop Treeburst, Doctor of CM Theology
  8. Well, they have plenty of beta testers now. This means the bugs will be found quickly. BFC will squash them as fast as they can. I'm sure of it. Until then, I'll be playing CMBB and CMAK. CM:SF will be done when it's done. Treeburst155 out.
  9. So I need to get the Demo before I know system requirements. This is because only I can determine what defines acceptable game performance for ME. This is an acceptable answer to the question, "What are the system requirements?" It's not exactly helpful; but it is an acceptable answer to the question asked. Let's try another question, an answer to which might be a bit more helpful. To the Beta Tester with the slowest machine: What are your machine specs? Do YOU consider the game to be playable on your machine; or will you be upgrading very soon? Treeburst155 out.
  10. I think that, if we are within several months of release, a fairly accurate run down of system requirements should be possible. I mean, they're playing the game right now, no? I'm REALLY curious as to how many old ladies I'll have to mug in order to pay for the required computer. Give me some specs, please! I don't want to mug any more old ladies than I have to. Thanks!! Treeburst155 out.
  11. Oh, one more thing for Joachim: You can have a bad strike even when you see a spotting round. This is the SECOND spotting round you're seeing. The first doesn't fire due to LOS block, then LOS clears, the second round fires; but the strike is still off-target. The first spotting round MUST fire for a strike to be accurate. EDIT: The "Wicky Strike" proved that LOS to the target point does not have to be established at the time of targetting; but the spotter still has to have LOS at the time the first spotting round is DUE to be fired. No LOS at that exact moment (dust) means no first
  12. First, let me say that my contribution to the original post here is limited to the section, "How Off-map Artillery REALLY Functions", and everything below that. Somebody else wrote the rest. Joachim, CMAK and CMBB work the same way. It's just that in CMAK there is dust, which causes more blocked LOS at the critical moment. Copied from my work above: How To Hit Your Target Every Time This section deals with guns ONLY. There is never any guarantee with rockets. I'm also assuming the spotter remains unmolested during the delay period, and while the strike is underway. Accurate
  13. So the Iranian nuke problem is just a fabrication of the U.S. Government....payback for them selling oil in Euros. Somebody really should put those evil Americans in their place. How can the world possibly tolerate such evil!? Well, I guess the same world that would allow Iran to nuke Israel into oblivion can tolerate the US crimes too. Treeburst155 out.
  14. Congratulations, Walpurgis Nacht!! Please email me a physical address so I can send you the $20.00 prize money I pledged to the winner when this tourney began. Again, Congratulations Champ! Treeburst155 out.
  15. IIRC, this tourney started about 11 months ago. If everyone had paid an entrance fee (the proceeds going to a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prize), only the "serious" would enter. Games would be completed in a more timely manner. Just an idea..... I've crunched the raw scores with the Nabla program and sent the results to Kingfish. I'm sure he will post these results as soon as he has the time. I will be checking this thread each day, just in case there are scoring questions. Treeburst155 out.
  16. It would seem to me the computer opponent just might be quite good at playing the Martyr type of defender. Against a human, I would prefer to play the Syrian guerrilla type over US forces. Their tactics seem to better reflect my tactical personality.
  17. Imagine a Close Combat done right (by BFC) that takes advantage of today's powerful computers. This may be what we have in CM2. I think those of us who enjoy larger battles may have to scale down a bit for the new game; but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Besides, we do still have WeGo for those big battles. I'm really looking forward to CM2; but I may wait for the WWII game before buying. That is, if I can hold out after playing the demo.
  18. Yes...I would really like this....a platoon leader in RT, with nothing to worry about but my platoon and our orders.
  19. Are you saying that RT CM2 cannot be accurately described as a "twitch game". If so, I agree with you if we're talking small battles. I just watched a CM PBEM "movie" with a moderate amount of action. If I could have interacted with that movie, I would not have had to tax my mousing skills. However, I like to fight large battles. I just can't imagine not "twitching" in a battalion sized engagement fought RT. Perhaps I'll find the company level more enjoyable with the new engine anyway, regardless of the WeGo/RT issue.
  20. I agree, mbtanker. Having RT and WeGo in the same game is, in effect, having two very different games for the price of one. Neither would be better than the other IMO. My only concern is that human v human play may evolve into a realtime only situation. Unlike Steve, I'd rather play one game thoughtfully in a given span of time, than play six twitch games in the same time. Having said that, more options is always a good thing. IF we get PBEM, RT, and WeGo, I'm sure I will be able to find opponents who share my preferences.
  21. Will the continuous time option be tweakable? IOW, can I speed up and, more important, slow down the clock? This would make larger battles doable in continuous time. It would be nice to have a wide range of adjustments as to how fast continuous time passes. On a more negative note, I can see it all now. No PBEM and few TCP/IP players willing to use WeGo. Hopefully I'm dead wrong about this. Adjustable continuous time would help to prevent/alleviate this situation.
  22. LOL!!! I'm trying to imagine a "multilateral UN mission" that would involve aggression against ANY Arab country for any reason.
  23. The REALLY good news is that the Peng and Waffle threads have moved on to a forum I PROBABLY won't be spending much time on. That's two fewer useless threads to clutter up page 1 of my beloved CMAK forum. Treeburst155 out. [ October 12, 2005, 01:12 PM: Message edited by: Treeburst155 ]
  24. I've a feeling MANY people will prefer to play the Syrian side. I know I'd rather play the Syrians. Treeburst155 out.
  25. I think a great hypothetical near future situation to simulate would be the US and Israel against the UN and Islam. Surely that wouldn't cause unease or provoke heated political discussions among wargamers, would it? Treeburst155 out.
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