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2 Huge planes just wrecked into World Trade Center


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Priest:

Lets not jump to conclusions about casualties, many people seem to have gotten out of the towers, they are being interviewed now. Also not all had arrived.

<fingers crossed><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wise not to jump to conclusions, of course, but you can't evacuate a 110 story tower all that quickly. Add to that the fact that even if they got out, there is probably a kill zone of about 150m around the building in which 90% of the people would be crushed by debris, plus casualties out for a considerable distance beyond that, and you get an extremely high casualty figure.

10,000 is almost certainly too low.

Keep in mind also that (at least from the video I have seen), that the buidlings pnacaked from top to bottm - squishing anyone in between. It is just like what I saw at the Murrow building in OKC, only bigger.

I doubt we will ever get all the bodies. I also doubt that we will recover all of the things we normally get for an air disaster -- the airplane parts are so intermingled with the building, it will be extremely difficult to locate them all. In all likelihood the 'black boxes' are crushed.

American Airlines has confirmed it has lost two planes minimum -- one, Flight 11 (a 767 from Boston to LA) with 92 passengers and crew; the Flight 77, a 757 from other from Dulles to LA with 64 passengers and crew.

To get information on relatives flying American Airlines planes, call 1-800-245-0999.

Reports are now saying that a plane from either Cleveland or New York, a 747, is down in Western Pennsylvania.

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4th plane at Harrisburg is confirmed.

Casualties at the Pentagon believed light, some 8 or so.

Rudolph Guilliani said those numbres in NY should be "terrifying".

Nijis, sorry for the unPC-like expression, I was angry.

For all I know it could be another Timothy McVay (sp?).

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Here in my building, almost nobody is working. And some people here are supposedly panicking about what's happening.

My prayers go out to all those affected and this may sound lame but as a Canadian, I stand by my American friends and hope our country will join in with the U.S. in hunting out these criminals. I also think that all those countries in NATO should also join in as it appears that one of our member nations has been attacked.

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Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar sends the

U.S. people all of our solidarity. As a

terrorism-stricken nation, we empathize

deeply with you. All terrorists are the

same, enemies of the democracies, and must

be fighted until their extintion. (not exact

words, but that is the message).


((Unconfimed: newspaper "El Mundo", web:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Las bases americanas en España, Rota (Cádiz) y Morón (Sevilla), se encuentran en estado de alerta desde las 11.05 horas de hoy, según ha podido saber elmundo.es. Las autoridades mantienen mutismo absoluto.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That is

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> U.S. ((joint, mus point)) nav-air-bases in Spain are in alert status since today´s 11:05 hours ((local-time?? => that´s a few hours previous to the WTC attack!!)), as known by www.elmundo.es All authorities keep absolute silence.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


BTW, after identified the objectives for reprisal, I sure can tell we gladly will concede the usual permissions to use our joint bases for it. ((As we do in Gulf War. Quite a bunch of B 52 flied from Moron base)).


Wish all terrorists have a single neck!!!


"Oh, Lord,

give our hands calm, to make our shots


give our hearts piety, to make our shots un-hated."

From parachutists pray


God help us all.....

((Another plane crashed in Camp David!!))

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lars:

MrSpkr, any more info on the second plane?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Just what I posted. American Airlines has also released a statement that it is working closely with American officials and is therefore withholding additional information.

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As the reality of terrorism sets in, the people in my NY office don't know what to do. They don't know if they should stay in the office or go home. They were told that if they leave the building they can't get back in. The subways are shut down and probably other forms of rail transporation. People want to leave but they can't get out of the city. They are afraid to take buses because they fear the bridges may be targets. My company is an insurance agency and many insurance companies are located in the WTC. We fear that the people we know are gone.

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