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  1. Ah hell — Berli, Nidan1, Stuka — all good guys whom, on general principles, I despised deeply. Now they’re gone...and have been for three or four years, actually. I’m a bit late to the party. I blame my laptop dying in 2015 and not being arsed to replace it until recently, and then only because somebody needs to thrash Joe Shaw soundly about the head and shoulders. Dammit. In any event, rest in peace, lads.
  2. Dammit. I always enjoyed reading his rants. And he was generally a stout chap; you always knew where you stood with Dan. I did not know him nearly as well as I should have liked.
  3. Jealousy becomes you, Boo. The One True Thread lies sleeping through the ages, like a drunken Merlin tossing and turning whilst England slowly rots. Oh, there was a time when the siren call of The Muthah Beautiful lured me here on a daily basis. To ridicule. To call out. To make merry stories at the expense of Panzer Leader and Iron Chef Sakai, amongst others. But it is nay but a memory, a shadow, a dream of the past. At least Seanachai still shows up. There is always entertainment in that.
  4. I was actually looking for a computer SL game to play-- fortunately found out the Hasbro version was crap, but stumbled across CMBO, played the two demo scenarios, and was hooked! I think that was back in 1999. . .
  5. Ahhh, the Mutha Beautiful in all her glory. Well, except for all the foul mannered Oddstraylyuns. Of course, as my mother always told me, "there are no stupid countries, son; only stupid people."
  6. Evicting women and orphans, stealing candy from little people, tying maidens to railroad tracks; you know, the usual. Steve
  7. Why did you morons banish Foul Joe to wander among us normal folk for three weeks? He's off singing the praises of SSNs and making bad puns out here -- in other words, he's his normal moronic self, but is sharing his "gift" with the world. BFC please fix or do somefink! Steve
  8. You're all scum and I hate each and every . . . [serious]Screw it, I don't have the vim and vinegar at the moment. Between my late father's birthday yesterday, the looming six month anniversary of his death, and th drama currently caused by my delinquent neice, the ex-felon beater and drug dealer she lives with, and her six year old child that I now find living in my house because things are too unsafe for him with her, I'm too damned drained to muster the energy needed to denounce each of you in the manner you so richly deserve. Turns out when I can get to them, and, if anyone wants a match, drop me a PM on this site -- I don't even have the energy to muster a proper challenge. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon and I can get back to the status quo ante chaos and give you all the individual hating you so richly deserve.[/serious] So sod off, the lot of you. Steve
  9. Page 2. PAGE TWO!!! This is what becomes of humoring Boo Radley's fantasy of being an Olde One. All turns have been sent out. If you didn't get yours, it is because you are a poopyhead and beneath my notice. I won't even think of you once next week while I enjoy camping in sunny Colorado. Steve
  10. Sigh. Elvis was, in defiance of all logic, correct about the lot of you. Steve
  11. Poseur! Heretic! Blasphemer! A true Olde One would not equivocate as to his status in the One True Thread. I have a better idea: Steve
  12. Just got my copy as well. Very nice, very nice, except the DVD was in sideways. I had to turn it 90 degrees to be able to read the title on the disk. BFC PLEASE FIX OR DO SOMEFINK! Steve
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