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  1. Ah hell — Berli, Nidan1, Stuka — all good guys whom, on general principles, I despised deeply. Now they’re gone...and have been for three or four years, actually. I’m a bit late to the party. I blame my laptop dying in 2015 and not being arsed to replace it until recently, and then only because somebody needs to thrash Joe Shaw soundly about the head and shoulders. Dammit. In any event, rest in peace, lads.
  2. Dammit. I always enjoyed reading his rants. And he was generally a stout chap; you always knew where you stood with Dan. I did not know him nearly as well as I should have liked.
  3. Heh -- Me too. About yours, I mean,. Mine were GREAT (joke). I did find the scenario packs on CMMODs and was able to get them. It looks like several of my better scenarios (and ones by other authors that were good, too). Thanks for the input, all.
  4. It's trivial. But there's no question that BFC won't touch the CMx1 codebase. </font>
  5. How is fog emulated in other games (like 1st person shooters)? Will BFC be able to reprogram to address this change? Steve
  6. Done. I've never had a problem with nVidia cards and fog tables before. This is annoying. Perhaps when I get the new play toy, I should have my computer guru install XP Pro? Steve
  7. Hey folks. Just got a new laptop and having problems getting fog to show up in CMBB or CMAK. AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-50, 1.60 GHz, 1 GB RAM, running 32-bit Vista. Video card is an nVidia GeForce Go 6150 with 64MB on board RAM and sharing up to 192MB more. Driver is version, dated February 27, 2007. Any ideas why I can't get fog to work? Smoke has no problems, video runs fine otherwise. And yes, I've tried hitting the Shift+W combo to turn it on and off. Steve [ June 24, 2007, 07:24 PM: Message edited by: MrSpkr ]
  8. Umm -- what happened to all the scenarios on the original Scenario Depot? I had a few posted, but can't find them on v2.0 (and I no longer have them here). Any info would be appreciated! Steve
  9. So you feel sorry for his Pixeltruppen and their tendency to become crunchy crispies? Steve
  10. WWB, would you release an updated version of FlakFront! for 2P play? Changing the flags, and whatever else you deem necessary? Steve
  11. Actually Tom, I see a bunch of flat gray panels on top of a yellow map with a yellow horizon. A few lines, mainly mauve, are interspersed throughout. Most humans are all gray; heavy guns are black. The control panel appears normal. Here is a picture of what I see (sorry, but Yahoo! doesn't allow direct linking). Yours looks great in comparison, eh? I am running the same rig I used for CMBB -- P4 1.8G processor, Nvidia GeForce2 32MB vid card. This is the first time I have seen this problem. I loaded up a previously saved game, and these graphics popped up. I aborted the game and
  12. That's probably right. If you are looking for a close range barrage, use smaller calibers. A good combination is a 75 - 105mm howitzer FO to pound the enemy into submission, break his troops, etc., until your forces are 200m away. Then, sub in an 81mm barrage on top of the enemy and call off the heavy stuff. Charge. The smaller arty will keep broken and panicked enemy units from rallying, allowing your charging troops to seize the position. On a side note, I think you get sarcastic replies because your initial posts are quite caustic. Just a thought. Steve
  13. Is there a decent Nvidia chip for a mobile gaming system, or have they limited themselves to the desktop market? Steve
  14. Does th elaptop ATI card support Fog/dust? Steve
  15. Or is it just me? I get that "Page cannot be found" message when I try to go to the Depot. Steve
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