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  1. I thought you got a nickel for bringing the container back?
  2. -6F this morning. Not much, but the best we could do for Shaw.
  3. Why read it when you can live it? I was drinking with a Mexican chef who just got off work from one of the fancy 'spa' hotelitos on the island, and boy, he sure knew the good stuff. For the life of me though, I can't remember the labels…sniff…
  4. Back from a little lost time in Isla Holbox. Seems I have re-acquired a taste for mezcal…
  5. I'm putting $10 on the pissed off dirty swamp dwelling hobo with no shoes. He'll remember what for, Seanachai. Oh yes he will…
  6. Yes, yes, I can just hear the steely resolve in your voice. I got $10 that says you'll be face down in a puddle by 11 o'clock. A.M.
  7. Congrats GrampaNidan1. Let's hope it takes after like her side of the family.
  8. May you all get exactly what you deserve for Christmas. I'm getting 16" of snow, so it's only fair.
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