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2 Huge planes just wrecked into World Trade Center


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Pvt. Ryan:

It appears that both towers collapsed almost in their entirety, although it's hard to see through the smoke. I don't see how that is possible just from the plane crashes, which were near the top of the buildings.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

They just showed a shot looking from across the water - the Statue of Liberty looks like a toy compared to the giant cloud of smoke and dust where the towers used to be.

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My wife is at home watching it on CNN and she says the footage is unbelievable!!

there is good footage from a news chopper of the second plane hitting the second WTC tower and good footage from the ground of both towers collapsing...

she is using profanity and says the CNN footage is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

just awsome destruction everywhere!!

Priest can you tell us what you have seen on CNN??

Thanks again

-tom w

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Storming Heaven by Dale Brown.

For what it's worth, it was ALL in the book.

Some towelheads had learned to read I'd say.

As for flying CAP (since it's so very much like this book) there is still the fact that you'd have to down an airliner full of civilians and then have it crash anyway somewhere.

That's a bad one.

Rome and some other European airports shut their services so that no more planes fly your way and to avoid possible bombing of US assets abroad.

God help you all guys...

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They have footage of the second plane and then both towers collapsing. It would seem that the 2nd tower is still semi up (barely) and the Pentagon is collapsed but a very small percentage compared to the WTC. Secretary of Defense is being evaced now.

There is now fighter cover over NY.

[ 09-11-2001: Message edited by: Priest ]

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My heart is burning and I hope those responsible can be found and brought to justice.

I am gutted and truely torn by what I have seen and what I can imagine.

As many of you are US citizens I can give you nothing but my words of sorrow at what has happened today.


The world will be worse for what has been done today.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MrSpkr:

At least three, possibly four seperate, coordinated attacks.

This has been planned for some time.

Someone has committed large amounts of resources to pull this off.

That means, most likely, a nation state has sponsored it.

Oh dear lord.

I just heard that the second tower has collapsed.

Someone will pay dearly for this.

If a nation state, they have committed a clear act of war.

If a terrorist group, any nation that harbors them might well find themselves at war with us.

God help us all.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

We don't need a missile defense system, we need an anti-airline defense system, eh, MrSpkr?

Looks like what we were talking about earlier just came true huh? Luckily no nukes were involved, but nothing a good 747 can't do, eh?

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