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  1. I haven't visited or posted in this forum for 3-4 years since Battlefront started to flirt with those *MODERN* things, but all i can say now is awesome.
  2. Splendid pics. Any news about Mac version?
  3. I just can't let this topic sink to the second page. Bootcamping is not an option for me, but i still visit this board from time to time in hope of seeing some oficial Mac news someday.
  4. I'll second that question. I'm still visiting these forums out of habit, but there's nothing that i can really discuss without having the game. Booting into Windows is not an option for me. So, i'm still waiting, but i don't know for how long.
  5. You seem to contradict yourself. First you're saying that the "green" measures are too tough, but in the next paragraph you seem to say that they're not tough enough since so much crap gets produced. So which way should it be? Since obviously there is a commercial reason for things to be that way, which means that any change will cost (probably calling for more complaints from your side). Anyway, thanks for the links to the first posters, interesting read.
  6. That's nonsense, mate. It certainly isn't "all American military bad, all the time". It's not the message that i'm getting from the show over here. The message i do get is "there are good, bad and incompetent guys in every organization, and American military is no exception." What it does blow away is the myth that American military, admittedly one of the best in the world (if not THE best), is super-perfect ordnung-muss-sein everything-taken-into-account execution-according-to-plan-and-S.O.P. force. Excrement happens. Even in American armed forces. For variety of resons.
  7. Question: the marines in the movie often, when moving out, say "We're Oscar Mike" or something similar. What does it really mean, what's the origin of this phrase? Googling didn't help, and the link below, which is good for all other expressions and acronyms, didn't help either. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._Marine_Corps_acronyms_and_expressions
  8. I enjoyed the "Armor attack" very much, thanks. Keep 'em coming. BTW, regarding the "twilight zone" turn presentation, i would've prefered the non-paralel version, as this way it's impossible to keep the story flow.
  9. Press "Enter" again. At least that's what works for me.
  10. Regarding Nr.1: Do you mean rotating the camera? It is done by pressing middle button (in my case - scroll wheel) of the mouse. I have another issue: is there a modifier key, which, when held down and clicked, jumps to that spot on the map? In CM it was done by holding down Ctrl and then clicking. I miss this feature. Ok, we have the minimap now, but it's much more imprecise...
  11. Ok, thanks for the answer.
  12. Anybody managed to run the demo on Intel Macs under BootCamp? On my MacBookPro it installed just fine, but after that if i try to launch the game nothing happens. Could it be some driver issue?
  13. Lucky hit on the cupola of that PzIV. Nice screenies.
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