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  1. Hi, I purchased CMBO when it first came out, but I never got a chance to install it. Well, I have finally played it, and I must say that the graphics do not live up to my expectations. BFC, please fix! Or do somefink!
  2. Considering it's just a rehash of the Commonwealth module, I don't understand what is taking so long.
  3. I loved the Talonsoft Battleground series. I played the Gettysburg game over an over.
  4. The MGs are very deadly now. Tanks are also much more lethal against infantry when firing MGs.
  5. I don't think they should care, but it is up to them whether they do.
  6. The patches will always be free to download. It's the games and modules that have limited downloads.
  7. I had my CMx2 download files backed up on an external drive. When I got a new computer I copied the files over and tried to install them. Both installs failed. Luckily I had the discs.
  8. Depicting the use of flamethrowers in CMx2 does not have to be gory. Soldiers that come in contact with the flames would fall to the ground just like other casualties in the game. They don't need to run around on fire.
  9. I want to see them plummeting from an eight story church tower.
  10. If you use your mortars in direct fire mode they just have to have visual contact with the target. If you want to use them in indirect fire mode they have to be in communication with the unit doing the spotting. If the spotter is within audible or visual range of the mortar he will be able to call for fire. If not, he has to be in radio communication with the mortar. If the spotter (whether an actual forward observer or regular officer) has a radio then you need a radio near the mortar. This can either be another unit with a radio or a vehicle with a radio. Once the two units are in ra
  11. Maybe it was BFC (BTS) that had him bumped off so they wouldn't have to make this game.
  12. The AI's use of arty is quite deadly and for me is the reason CMx2 is so much harder than CMx1.
  13. Target the wall. The tank will stop firing when the section of the wall is destroyed. You may have to destroy more than one section to fit the tank through the hole.
  14. Here is a built version of the KT: http://eastcoastarmory.com/tigerII_366/kingtiger.htm#video
  15. I enjoyed the scenario and I have played it a couple if times as the Americans. I can't get a victory even though I know where the enemy are. I think the Americans need some heavier arty, at least 81mm mortars.
  16. Something Nice will be Combat Mission for Windows Phones.
  17. Sorry, I haven't paid too much attention to CMSF2.
  18. I think it models a different time period - 1980s perhaps?
  19. I didn't really use my infantry that much, except as spotters for the tanks and the arty, which took out the AT guns, and up on the hill to clear out the church and other buildings. My Shermans did most of the work and the scenario ended before I got near the town.
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