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  1. Thats only for CMBB and CMAK. CMBO is both, IIRC, my 1.0 version CD is.
  2. Yes CMBO is the "game" in the idea of it being more of a game than a sim, that much is true. With that in mind, I took CMBO off my hard drive this last spring, most likely once and for all. No bad, it was on there for about five years. BTW Junk, you might do better if you learn how to use those other commands.
  3. They look great, its not a problem with the mods themselves j2d. Frankly I haven't played CMBO for a long time, its not even on my HD since I had to do a clean up for before my system upgrade this spring.
  4. Everyone can tell how much you two love one another. Can we have constructive comments and facts not personal opinions?
  5. Indeed, other than mods for CMBO (and the apps), all files are cross platform.
  6. I only have a 32 VRAM card and its fine. Maybe not for huge maps, but its not bad.
  7. Poor people with CDV versions, thats all I can say.
  8. Untill your graphics files starting getting too big using the other programs are. Your Graphics files max out at 10 or 12mbs IIRC, so after that you can use Res Edit to swap files into the winter graphics sets to creat more space, but that shouldn't be a problem for a while. With CMBB and CMAK there are just plain BMPs as for PC users so you would just install the new files into the BMP folder for them.
  9. Rikki as a Mac user Mods (for CMBO anyway) are a little different than for a PC user. In CMBO (only btw) you must use a program to edit the graphics files. You can find two Mac Mod Mangers at CMHQ under 3rd Party Mods or you can use a program called Res-Edit by Apple (if you can still get it that is). www.combatmission.com The programs at CMHQ are easy to use so I would suggest starting with one of them. To use them just read the readme's that come with the mod manger. The new games do have some major improvements in graphics and new infantry and armor models are included as well. Moving
  10. MikeT, you may well have hit the nail square on the head.
  11. Um.....err.....when I want a complete platoon to do something I merely "double click" the Platoon HQ, the entire platoon becomes highlited, and your give the "one" command. Works for me. :cool: KC </font>
  12. The "brown" command lines in CM do look rather red to me as well, but they still call them brown just the same. If the line is black they are out of command range. There will always be a delay, but I haven't play CMBO for some time so I cannot remember what the standard delay time is. (I play mostly CMBB and CMAK) You have to give orders to each member of the platoon, not just the Platoon HQ btw. Also in the future, please try to use full words, although some of us can understand what you are saying, many of the members here are 30+ and have no idea what you just wrote. [ March 18,
  13. Just to let you know, CMAK does not come with winter infantry uniforms or AFVs, but like CMBO it has slots for them.
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