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  1. Sad news, yet not really surprising. Still, a BIG thanks for your efforts, Hunter.
  2. Tools4fools is currently having fun in Asia. If the mod isn't finished yet I'm sure he'll finish it once he gets back to Switzerland. If he survives Bangkok, that is...
  3. Hehe...first post in the CMBO forum in a looong time. I'm playing CMBB since the day it was released and only played one short CMBO QB in all that time. Just for memory's sake... Before seing CMBB the first time I thought "Well, it's gonna be CMBO on the eastern front with some better graphics and new units." I'll still continue CMBO if I get BB. Boy, was I wrong! When I and a few others attended a CMBB preview we were all amazed how different the game played! MGs that finally are able to suppress the enemy, better modeling of infantry, the 'death clock', pre-planned arty barrages
  4. Marcus, nice work! Looks like all these beers only improve your artistic skills...
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