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2 Huge planes just wrecked into World Trade Center


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Priest:


UN has been evacuated.

[ 09-11-2001: Message edited by: Priest ]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

CNN is now reporting it.

Edit, now they are saying just a sound, but the building looks ok.

[ 09-11-2001: Message edited by: Pvt. Ryan ]

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Paco QNS wrote:

FDPL has asumed the attacks.

According to Finnish news, FDPL has issued a statement that they had nothing to do with it and that the earlier admission was faked.

Hope the surviving culprits will be caught.

- Tommi

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Looks like that Dale Brown book where the USA are under attacks from within through planes crashes.

One should never feed too much the terrorists with wacko ideas...

Because we had been hitten quite bad in France some time ago and had the troops armed in the streets, I can only relate to you guys and offer my deepest sorrow to all of you as a People and to those who lost relatives.

I'm not a war monger but you should exercize due force to whomever did that to those poor people.

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At least three, possibly four seperate, coordinated attacks.

This has been planned for some time.

Someone has committed large amounts of resources to pull this off.

That means, most likely, a nation state has sponsored it.

Oh dear lord.

I just heard that the second tower has collapsed.

Someone will pay dearly for this.

If a nation state, they have committed a clear act of war.

If a terrorist group, any nation that harbors them might well find themselves at war with us.

God help us all.

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This is all very unnerving (is that a word?).

I'm at work, and I had heard that Manhattan is blocked off, all federal buildings have been shut down, Air traffic has been stopped, and I was just informed that a car bomb was found in front of the state department. Man, I'd better start getting in shape, my @ss is going to be drafted.

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