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  1. No, all of the tanks were buttoned. The latest kill was a 82mm round penetrating the turret top leading to a catastrophic explosion. Guderian was not amused.
  2. I've seen a fair number of tanks (mainly Panthers) getting destroyed by 82mm mortars in my latest games. The only source I have for the effect of artillery on Panthers is a report from Guderian (General Inspector of Panzer Troops) to Zeitzler (chief of staff/OKH) dated July 20th, 1943: "Generally the Panther is safe against artillery fire. Direct hits by calibres greater than 15 cm (!) to the turret top or the engine grills however lead to a deformation of the armour and internal damage. Hits by smaller calibres, hitting the commander's cuppola or the turret top, had no effect." Sour
  3. I'm currently working on a series of small engagements reminiscent of the "byte battles" in CMBO. Anyone remember them? Size is usually about platoon size plus some gadgets.
  4. I agree that "vacuum" tests are always problematic in such a complex environment as Combat Mission. I recently faced a few MG42s in a PBEM and I swear they were totally overmodelled while firing at my troops! But sometimes such tests can help to point out problems that aren't as easy to see in a "real" fight. The short-ish bursts of the HMG 42 are IMO just not correct. Another test (ghaaa! ) showed that the MG42 on bipod fired just a bit more than 1 round less per burst than the tripod version. 5.something compared to 6.something). I'd love to run a few t... scenarios with a HMG 42 wi
  5. Sorry, but against 120 men running towards you in a rather dense mass across open ground it certainly is. Or better, should be. The problem is IMO the burst length. A quick calculation in my test scenario shows average rounds/burst is ~ 6.5. Which is FAR to few for an MG42 on tripod. I just checked in my Reibert (German Infantryman's handboook) and it clearly states 20-50 round bursts for the MG3 on tripod. I'm pretty sure similar numbers are correct for the MG 42. Funnily enough the latest test had the soviets lose just 12 (!) men when assaulting an entrenched HMG across 400+ m of
  6. Did the gun actually move or just rotate? I did a couple of tests last weekend with a single 7,5cm Pak vs 3x T-34/85 at 500 and 1000m, and the Pak massacred the T-34s when in light woods and foxholes. At 1000m the T-34s didn't stand a chance at all and at 500m the gun still got all tanks 8/10 times. I did a few tests here, too. And was a bit surprised by the results, actually. Test was a soviet infantry company assaulting a HMG 42 in a trench from 400m distance. I've ran the scenario a couple of times and average casualties for the soviet force was ~ 16. 16 casualties for ass
  7. I'm in. Do we have dead reindeer flavour objects?
  8. With all those beautiful "flavour objects" map making really has reached a new level. But, how on earth shall I now ever manage to finish a map? There's always another barrel to place, another doghouse to rotate and a few more bicycles to lean against a wall. Oh, and don't forget the dead cows. And the rubble. And the cabbage. And road signs. And... Damn you.
  9. Scary. And a good example of RT's excellent audio.
  10. I think the quests in Red Thunder are actually quite cool. Love the Tiger boss at the end of the Bagration level. Also the scene where Rudel attacks the dragon while jumping out of his Stuka was EPIC! Shame the Stalin dragon only dropped a PPSh though. BTW does anyone know where I can get a nude patch for the female partisans?
  11. I like the desaturated look of the movie lighting mode, but it's a tad overdone for my taste. I have no idea how that feature is implemented but I would love to see an option to tweak this setting, like it's possible for the SweetFX/EBNSeries mods availbable for DirectX titles. A simple text file with the various options would be fantastic.
  12. The Dark Sideā„¢ is ready, too.
  13. Der Alte Fritz already gave a good answer. The Eastern Front has always been my main interest. The scope and the ferocity of the fighting, how weapons and tactics changed between '41 and '45, and I find it very interesting that both sides actually play quite differently. Oh, and then of course the Red Army gets some incredible toys to play with. :cool:
  14. Hey Greg, good to see so many of the old guys from CMBO/CMBB days still around.
  15. PM me and I'll upload it to my dropbox account and give you a download link.
  16. I nearly got a heart attack earlier today when I received an email from BFC: "The files you ordered are ready for download." Of course that was just the standard confirmation for preordering CMRT. Bastages! :mad::mad::mad:
  17. It's good to be back! Can't wait to once again lead my brave Pixeltruppen to their inevitable doom. Which, of course, we will suffer with style.
  18. My problem is that ATM the player can do nothing against Jabos, which is a bit detriment to fun IMO. Give the Germans (and the Allies) access to light Flak and AA MGs and all's well. ATM fighter-bombers are invisible, invulnerable things that randomly kill stuff.
  19. In my PBEMs we always have a gentlemen's agreement not to fire into the enemy deployment zones. Have played that way since the days of CMBO. The allied strafing planes are IMO indeed too cheap IMO. In June '44 they cost 66 pts, IIRC. They won't kill a tank but other than that they are a danger to basically everything that moves. I've seen one kill two full squads of infantry and the platoon HQ while they were cowering in a tree line within three minutes. Ouch! You can't run from them like you can do when shelled by artillery, and hiding from them seems quite difficult, too. And the bi
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