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  1. Hi, I purchased CMBO when it first came out, but I never got a chance to install it. Well, I have finally played it, and I must say that the graphics do not live up to my expectations. BFC, please fix! Or do somefink!
  2. I didn't really use my infantry that much, except as spotters for the tanks and the arty, which took out the AT guns, and up on the hill to clear out the church and other buildings. My Shermans did most of the work and the scenario ended before I got near the town.
  3. You could upload it as a torrent. It might take a while, but no one would have to host it.
  4. Run a Panther or two up the field on the right and you will catch a few Shermans trying to flank you. Then pull up to the other side of the hedgerow and you will catch a bunch of reinforcements as they enter the map.
  5. I usually use the quick command to load troops on a vehicle. What happens if you use assault? Does it accept the order?
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