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  1. Echo


    Check your messages.
  2. How do you know both sides have night goggles? Is that an editor option or something?
  3. Great map. Time is too short though. I'd reccomend 2 hours for any urban battle. I only just cleared one flank and started my attack when time ran out.
  4. Vehicles that block LOS. My infantry still can't use armor as cover. (biggest disapointment playing first demo years ago.) Vehicles can't use wrecks as cover either. [ April 07, 2003, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: Echo ]
  5. Whats the best settings for "normal" and "thermal" visability to simulate night action? Assume the weather is claer and the moon is full.
  6. Bravo Zulu! Thats good to hear. And true to my word, I WILL kick you a check when your finished. Or a bottle of good Scotch, whichever you prefer.
  7. I'm not sure wheather its lack of commercial (ie. military) demand, or if its a code limitation that has precluded this from happening. But I would be more than happy to reimberse the Major for his time in developing this. (single player editor)
  8. Somebody slap me for not firing up this demo sooner. Just ordered (Hoo Ra!) a most excellent simulation. Nearest thing I've seen to the old board game "MBT". My brother, who is a Marine armored recon infantryman (LAV) will wet his pants over this when he gets back from Baghdad. How do I get on the mailing list fellas?
  9. Look here. Great stuff. http://www.geocities.com/desertfox1891/Tactics/Panzertaktik.htm
  10. I would have planned my attack a bit different as Germans knowing I had reinforcements. Realisticly as a field commander, I would have waited the 10 minutes for all of my units to arrive before commiting to the attack anyway, so as to better coordinate it. Overwhelming guns/manpower is the name of the game, not commiting small units piece-meal. Good scenario, but all the German units should have started on the map. Cya in round 2.
  11. I wonder if that Panther is dug in, or if it is only the turret? The Germans set up turrets as anti-tank guns toward the end. Doh! Nevermind, just saw another pic that shows the hull. [ November 30, 2002, 11:27 AM: Message edited by: Echo ]
  12. Ditto on what Manstein said. Also, can we not change our convoy routes? What if I want to run supplies by way of SE Atlantic.
  13. Possible, and realistic, only if the game models the perfusion of arms among the ordinary civilians of America. Damn near everybody was profficient with a rifle back then (teach it in the boy scouts). Huge militia could be mustered very quickly had that happened.
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