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    Check your messages.
  2. I remember that. I think the rules for beserkers only applied to Russians too. Human psychology is a difficult thing to simulate.
  3. This is all bull****.What I have seen from combat footage from Ukraine, guys just get pissed off when something like this happens to their unit. I could post examples, but there are plenty to be found online with some searching.
  4. I stumbled onto this the other day. Mechanized infantry urban fighting. (English captioning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPlIzHEnf70 There a lot more, if check Reddit-combat footage.
  5. Our first turn got stuck in the load screen at 86% and the game crashed.
  6. You have enough troops in that battle to not even need the air support. Attack all the way to the bridge, then wire it for demolition. And agree, I couldn't hit anything with the mortars. I think spotted arty is bugged in the game. (Awesome map, whoever made it.)
  7. Ok here's a trick. Engineers can wipe a room out if you can blast in through a windowless wall.
  8. Marines in faluja would back out, and rig the building with explosives. They demolished the whole building.
  9. Its silly. In reality, the time between lasing and pulling the trigger is a split second. You wouldn't have time to pop smoke. You may have a second if it's an older t72 shooting. The laser bore is off from the aiming recticle, so you have to adjust aim slightly after lasing. Even if smoke is out, firing unit already has your range (he just lased you), and will fire through the smoke anyway.
  10. Pbem. Red (russia) attack blue (ukraine). Ukraine was in sw corner. Russia had blue setup zone in town. I'm on pc. Not sure about opponent. I'll ask him.
  11. "Town-Water 275 attack" map has the defender/attacker setup zones reversed. I opened it in the editor, and I can't figure out how to fix it.
  12. I'm game. I use dropbox. Check your private message.
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