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  1. Hi Matt, after our mail exchanges, it was agreed that you would send the remplacement CD to my Bill To address and NOT my Ship To. As it is, one nice American fellow received another game from BFC and I'm still waiting on mine. Of course a remailing could do but since we agreed on it being shipped to me, I'd rather not have a friend paying twice for the postage. Thanks a lot. Regards.
  2. Eventhough mine is not dented per se, it's obvious with a single glance that it was used as a beer mat. Tell me when you want it mailed to you. I mailed Matt about that, does that mean I was automatically added to that ARGHHH List?
  3. Hi, Any of you Tech savvy guys tweaked this from its usual 0 value to any effect in CM? I'm told going on the negative range will render sharper textures. Any tips? I'm playing with RivaTuner actually...
  4. Hi guys! Just to let you know, it NOW works. Following some of the links provided, I ended up on a French site with cracked 29.60 from Dell to work with all platform. So it's perfect now... Thanks to all who answered me.
  5. Thanks Harv but those are for Inspiron 2650 and Latitude V740. I'm new to laptops. For me a driver is for a Vid card. How come they have newest drivers for the I2650 than the I4100 for the SAME Geforce2 Go. If I can install nonetheless, please tell.
  6. Here we are. No that I'm smoothly running CM on my desktop, I have it with those weird see through texts on my laptop running XP. Anyone knows which drivers for the GeForce2 Go Mobile solves that? Or what things to do to avoid that buggering transparent texts in menus and orders? Thanks for your answers.
  7. This wasn't the case for the Red Baron, and I don't see evidence to support this for Wittman. The Red Baron was worn out. He got careless. He got suckered in to a low-flying chase over enemy lines, and worst of all, he forgot to check behind him - the first rule of airfighting. His demise was sealed by Australian gunners on the ground, but the fact that he didn't break off once Brown was on the scene kind of indicates, to me, as far as the evidence I've read will take us, that the Baron was simply careless. He had been fighting far too long, and he never recovered from his head wound.
  8. Well it appears War Heroes can't be SIMPLY dead. Which proves my case. The Red Baron is just like Wittman. The shot which killed him is commonly believed to have come from Australian gunners on the ground (53rd TripleA IIRC), but is also widely said to have also come from the guns of Canadian flier Arthur "Roy" Brown. See? AP? Typhons? Flak? Fighter? You're right. Death is always a Drama. Unless it speaks with A VOICE LIKE THAT... But War Hereos and Idols just don't die like the rest.
  9. I guess it's typical of the way we're functioning. Wittman was a Demi God of Tank Warfare. You can't kill those without gamey use of Typhoons and maybe Cpt Kirk's Entreprise while I'm a it. I mean, surely no tanker could have bagged Wittman? Much less multiple Tiger kills? Having the CAP Thesis supported is the best way to keep Wittman high in the Hall of Fame. He got killed because he was overconfident. Same for the Red Baron. You don't need a Demi God to kill a Demi God. You just need to be there when they fumble...
  10. What does it have to do with him getting killed by Typhus? That's Gamey surely...
  11. Woot!! It works. When on Quincunx, I not only had the black screen but couldn't Alt+Tab out of CM to Photoshop properly. And what was more aggravating in a strict MODs & MODers sense, it wouldn't let me take screenshots at all with Print Screen and had to do it via Hypersnap. Now on 4x FSAA or on Default I'm back in the business. Thanks to all who helped and thanks to Nvidia for making terrific products with weird drivers.
  12. Hi guys! My first time here in the Tech Forum IIRC. So here's for me coming out. My previous faithlful VidCard died on me, or rather on my Dad, and I just bought the Geforce4 MX 440. It's rather uber cool for all my needs considering I'm upgrading from a Geforce256 DDR. My probs is the following, whenever I now launch CM, or after an Alt+A, I'm presented with a BLACK screen. What I have to do is to Alt+Tab to the desktop (Windows Millenium) and get back to the SAME black screen. Only after that the first click anywhere on the screen gets me the menu. I'm running 28.32 Any idea?
  13. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Joe Shaw: [QBPawbroon ... cute, but I'm afraid that one is a bit beyond the pale. May we ask that you delete it on account of how MadMatt won't like the language or the religious references? Sorry pal.[/QB]<hr></blockquote> Not mine. Tis from South Park and was sung by Mr Garrison. It being from that cute little anime thingie, don't expect much in the way of lyrics. The song is very catchy BTW. It's all about bigotery Joe. I'm surprised that even South Park is beyond your ball park...
  14. Merry ****ing Christmas!! I heard there is no Christmas, In the silly Middle East. No Trees, no Snow, no Santa Claus, They have Different Religious beliefs. They Believe in Muhammad, And not in our Holiday. And so every December, I go to the Middle East and say. Hey there Mr Muslim, Merry ****ing Christmas Put down that book 'The Koran' and hear some holiday wishes Incase you haven't noticed, it's Jesus's Birthday So get off you heathen Muslim Ass And ****ing celebrate. There is no holiday season in india, i've heard. They don't hang up their stockings, and that is jus
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