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  1. I've learned from way back (that's CMBO for new commers) to expect nothing less than perfection from Gordon & Marco. Outstanding as usual. Can't wait to have them little pixels on my screen. Now for old time sake, what grass MOD are you using in these screenies?
  2. Well I do remember loosing to Peng once. The bastiche had a flaming devices only force and I thought back then that it was very gamey. Now if someone come here to talk about one Pupchen only setup, it was accidental and Steve had the exe corrected soon thereafter. Since I'm here, have I told you that I don't miss you at all? I may miss Elvis but his wank-by have already occured higher up so I'm done...
  3. You thus qualify for a Noob Award then. Where were you while the Real McCoys were ducking it out in the various incarnation of the 'Horses & Civilians' threads? Did you once in your life as a Penger make demands on Steve to include cows in CMBO so that you could gun them down with the earliest Bren carriers whose Bren was first a stoopid Japanese Type96? Meeh, come back when you've finally reached that famed Dorosh like obnoxious status. Have I mentioned that I could provide you with pics of my various wifes too? Now that I have your attention, could you be persuaded to send me a setup for those of the CM* which are actually running in your PowerPC hell? Nothing big as I have played the games almost as regularly as I post here.
  4. To all of the 3.71 Pengers I still care about, have a nice 2008 on me. Wait, I'm told one is an Aussie or somefink equally gross, make that 2.71 then.
  5. Considering our age range I'd say we can all relate. Take your time Dalem and our thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. 5 years old shoes? Boy do I remember those. Latest iMac to be delivered friday. Seeing as BFC must have chosen the same carrier as Apple did, CMSF is still AWOL. Sean are you stuck in PPC hell and thus unCMSFable or can you churn out turns? Don't have me play one of those Lesser Idiots as you're the only one I can beat while managing to haul the content of this house to the one I just bought without breaking a sweat.
  7. Blessent mon coeur d'une langueur monotone. So there. It's complete. Now that I've made yourself whole again you can give me a hug.
  8. Thanks for that outstanding and long lasted community service you've been providing from the days of the CM of yore.
  9. Ok peeps I just bought CMSF and a spank new iMac 24 2.8 Core2Extreme the very same day. Upon installing CMSF on BootCamp I expect a trouncing from Seanachai, Peng and Berli soon thereafter. I can't be bothered with taunts, it seems to always end up in a sexual rampage or a wedding and we might have reached the number of female slots already. Since I won't consider shagging one of you guys for a turn, let's play what-if and say I'll taunt those I'll play by eMail. As for the rest of you, I'm sad your still here. I'm French and thus on holidays but could be reached here mvie AT free DOT fr don't rush with turns though as both the Mac and the game were just ordered. For the fellow Mac users in here, cough Seanacoohie cough, I'll send you a pic of my setup so that you could bask in Apple Porn...
  10. We can always have him. We Frogs have a very low threshold regarding quality control. If it wasn't so I wouldn't have so much fun knowning most of you.
  11. Konrad I'm sure even you can find one of those handy Tutorials about UBB Codes and whatnots. Of course it does give a certain ring to this incarnation of the MBT what with the above mentioned faux pas. Ok just to fit in [b//]Konrad Mode ON[//\i/]. Woot I'm a quick learner!
  12. Mikey you can try to go through MacFUSE and have the 3GNTFS installed to have a native read/write OsX side. Now if you're not too tech savvy, having Parallels Desktop linked to your Bootcamp drive allows you to do seamless drag & drop between OSes windows. It does away with even Steve's cheap 1Gb key. Hi Steve BTW, 2 more games from you I'm eagerly waiting as usual (CMSF/ToW).
  13. You can't be since you only seem to be able to do the Cut & Paste trick. Try to be more imaginative for a change. Besides while I'm quite absent from these waters, I still remember very vividly a few occurrences where you were answered very graphically why you aren't Knighted yet. The point was that you more or less need to deserve it. [Edited because I've forgotten most of the UBB Codes obviously]
  14. Obviously a fake. Too many French still facing forward for this to be historically accurate. Now as a side note, what grass MOD is that?
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