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RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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Am getting the hang of hunting Tigers now. My infantry squad had taken the fuel dump and were now facing the German counter attack alone. The T34 on the right had been set to help them out but had been ambushed by the Tiger while his partner was behind the houses. No LOS through the houses, so I edged forward slow with an armour arc and hatch open and caught the Tiger through a gap in the trees. Very satisfying.


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Ooophs! Caught out.

Yes Ian they are yours for the Germans but I made my own for the Soviets before you published your updated version.

LOL no oops I'm totally fine with that. Are you going to publish your Soviet icons - you have a couple of takers already from the sounds of it.

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new video added in my youtube channel

Have fun

Wow! I didn't know the russians had already gotten their lend-lease vehicles :P

I don't want to be a stickler, but this is the CMRT screenshot thread, so how about we keep to the subject and post stuff from CMRT and not the other titles (good as they may be)?

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