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  1. Exactly right. I made this comment during CW testing as it was not the way we carried our weapons then - it's a more modern change. But it wasn't practical in the time frame until release to make that change. Maybe in a patch? That would be nice. Dave
  2. Also, make sure you save a copy of it somewhere safe, like a working folder in your Documents, so that if you ever have to reinstall FI for any reason, you won't lose it in an overwrite. Then after the reinstall you can *copy* your map back into the game (copy not move, so you retain the saved one). Dave
  3. In play testing this one made me feel cold. Before release people were saying "we want snow". I was thinking while testing this one. "Oh, you'll get snow all right!"
  4. It's most useful in scenarios where your force starts in road march formation and has to navigate some twisty route to get out somewhere to deploy. As I mentioned, the second Peiper scenario is one that comes to mind right away. They end up being clickfests, compounded by the fact you have to click outside the setup zone, once, twice, maybe 3 times, and drag those waypoints back to where you want them to follow roads (or wait until turn 2 to do anything to avoid the waypoint dragging). It's not as useful or needed once the action starts, although in some wide open scenarios (Russia, for example), it would be nice to have a formation keeping follow as you roll across the steppes. Dave
  5. It's been a while, but if I remember right, there were times when following units wouldn't follow the waypoints. Other times they would pause at waypoints, causing a huge traffic snarl (I'm thinking of a column moving onto the map, say, like scenario 2 in Kampfgruppe Peiper (a really handy place to have it work ) There were a variety of problems and they didn't happen all the time. It wasn't like you could chase down a bug because, for example, units *always* got confused at road intersections. It worked sometimes like a charm. Other times it was just a mess. I think Steve/Charles decided at the time they couldn't afford to spend more time and resources on it and postpone it to "later." I'll try to go back and search but that was the general gist. Dave
  6. As a number of us had said before, when it was tested it only sorta, kinda worked. And the times it didn't or behaved weirdly were very annoying. And if it was annoying to beta testers who are pretty used to things going wonky along the way, then the users would have not liked it at all. We pretty much universally declared it not ready for prime time because of that. I have NO knowledge of anything to do with the pro edition, nor do almost any of us (beta testers) I think. Haven't seen it, don't know what's in it, not even a list of features. If it works now, that would be awesome. I'd really like that as a feature.
  7. Like I said before, whatever works for you or anyone else.
  8. And that's what we do all the time by looking at sight lines from our locations. You normally don't have the luxury of using a straight edge in 3D from the enemy's location to check that. But like I said. There aren't any rules, so whatever works Dave
  9. Ah, now I get it. This seems kind of gamey to me (not that having a bird's eye view of what's going on isn't gamey, but still...) But, hey, to each their own. Dave
  10. Noise, noise. What's a little noise from a loud engine? (says the Artilleryman).
  11. You could edit the name of your save file/challenge name to include that. Easy Dave
  12. A system within the CM2 game to automate PBEM. Many Slitherine/Matrix games have a PBEM++ system built in. For CM2 when you start a game and pick Single player Real time, Hot seat, etc, there will be a new option for PBEM. You can post a challenge (basically start a scenario and post it for anyone to pick up, or you can password protect it and send the password to a specific opponent - only they will be able to accept). Basically, you then you play your turns, and receive an email when the next turn is ready for you. Your PBEM++ games are separate from your own single player saved games. In each game it looks a bit different visually. I've used it without problems for WitW, WitE, Flashpoint:Red Storm. Currently being tested for CM2 Also, to play PMEM today, Dropbox is not necessary. It's a convenience, and is used with H2H Helper and Who's Turn Is It, to pass the files back and forth. You can still just send emails like we used to in CM1. Dave
  13. The usual was if you were headed into imminent combat you'd leave your backpacks in the immediate rear. For the purposes of CM, any scenarios are of a time scale that that would have already been done and you'd be moving to contact, with few exceptions (an ambush maybe). Dave
  14. When I was in the 82d we did an exchange with the Cdn Parachute Regiment. We paused for tea on the drop zone after a jump. Mess truck came out for the troops and the Colonel's driver brewed up for the officers on the hood of his jeep. Very civilized (it was an admin jump - we weren't doing anything tactical after the jump, but even then there's always tea). I lived in England for some years too (work assignment), which my wife and I LOVED, and we do miss the couple of tea houses in town we used to frequent. One was a very British one, tea and cakes and scones and clotted cream, and the other we really liked was run by the Buddhist monastery in town. Nice tea and really good food. We lived next to the Lakes District in the northwest for anyone familiar with England. Gorgeous countryside, small towns. Idyllic, really. And civilized. We don't just miss the tea - we miss England. It suited us - ocean and mountains, lots of places to walk (nothing like the footpath culture here in the US), and the people were as nice as could be. Dave
  15. To amplify on step 1 of Sgt Squarehead's steps - to extract the compressed installer, you'll need to have a small utility. There are several that are free to download. "7-Zip" I believe should do the trick. That will extract the compressed installer to the same location as your download and it will be an .exe file. You will then be able to run that to install the game. You don't need to move the files anywhere. If they are in your "Downloads" folder, you can run them from there. To get 7-Zip, go here: https://www.7-zip.org There are others but I've found this to work really well on pretty much any compressed file - it handles many formats. Dave
  16. Could the problem bet that the installer is still compressed and you have to expand it before running the installer? Dave
  17. @Probus sounds like my brother from another mother Dave
  18. To get back on track @DownSized, The Few Good Men web site is a good place to frequent. They have their own forums, it's where the scenario depot and mods warehouse are hosted there and maintained by the ever hard working @Bootie, who lurks in the shadows around here too and you can match up with opponents in the forums. They also have tournaments of various kinds. I believe The Blitz is much the same but I've not been there much in years. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com Register, introduce yourself (there's a forum topic for that) and in your intro you can state you want opponents. There are plenty of active PBEMers and one advantage of entering a tournament when they run them is that people are even more likely to see it out rather than default. https://www.theblitz.club Hope that gives you some help and some matchups. I think these were mentioned in passing but here are the links. Dave
  19. I agree. To me, the more avenues available to engage, the easier it is for new players (or existing ones) to find something that fits their interests and lifestyle. The more the merrier. Dave
  20. It was May for me. I love it. You’re right. Time to do things and space them out instead of having to cram all chores into a weekend. Also, I have too many hobbies. This is just one. And my wife and I love each other’s company even still, so being home all the time has been great. I have no regrets. I had a good career doing important work and worked with amazing engineers. Time to turn it over to some younger engineers that I’ve spent the last few years mentoring. They’ll do great. Dave
  21. Ah. Never heard of that. Thanks. I guess I qualify now since I just recently retired from 42 year in the military and civilian national defense. Time now to relax and have fun. Dave
  22. I’m not sure what your deal is but enough with the gratuitous insults
  23. Well, I gave my reasons politely. PBEM fits my life. That’s all. Have fun. Dave
  24. The technology may be old, but PBEM has its place. Many people cannot set aside a long stretch of uninterrupted time to play a direct CM game. The reasons are varied - young families demand a player's time, where it's easy to fit in a PBEM turn here and there. Older people, while not occupied with young children, may have varied interests and demands on their time. It's cool you have 30 people who CAN do that. That's pretty cool. Personally, I can't, and PBEM for me is the way to go. Calling it garbage, IMO is a bit over the top. Dave - battening down the hatches for tomorrow's hurricane/tropical storm. We're about 5 miles east of the projected path they just showed on the 6pm news.
  25. On the ropes= Germany the country. Almost the end of the war. No hope of a miraculous victory. Could they lash out locally and effectively? Sure. And that makes for some scenarios with reasonable balance and interest. Dave
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