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  1. Excellent!! Glad to hear it. Dave
  2. Things like this aren't unique to CW. Quick Battle automatic force selection have always given "interesting" results, across all the titles. QBs work best as H2H where each player can choose their own forces and that would eliminate these oddities, barring mistakes by the players. Depending on how you are playing you can choose your own forces, then hit suggestions for the opponent and tweak them to repair anything that shows up like missing observers, etc. You may not want to do that though and lose the element of surprise. I'd say, though, that in the CW era, you probably had a quite good idea of what is in front of you, so it may not be that unrealistic. As far as fixing, the force selections are much improved over what they used to be after they did some fixing up to the logic (which sounds simple and I don't think was simple at all). They are better now as they tend to pick complete formations, minus some items to fit the point criteria. So the lack of supporting items probably shows more in smaller battles than large ones. They are probably about as good as they are going to get at this point. Dave
  3. I put in a request for the ideal solution being a list of different types of text in the game with a button for each bringing up some kind of color picker. Can't hurt to ask 🙂 I described the ideal. Have to let Charles figure out what's possible based on that. Good idea. Dave
  4. I am as well, but I'm not aware of any mods like that. Dave
  5. Can you send a copy of the save file you received. I'm on a mac and can take a look at it. That would help narrow down whether it's a CM problem or a problem with your installation. Dave
  6. Can you provide more details, and preferably a save file for investigation? Dave
  7. It's not to hard to make one. Copy the BN one to your RT folder. Open it in a text editor (wordpad, Notepad++, etc), and you'll see that the only thing that has to change is the name of the executable. Make sure you change that name correctly to the Red Thunder executable, save, run it and you should be in business. (Note : I'm also on a Mac but I think if I remember the scripts are almost the same - it should be obvious when you open it in a text editor). Dave
  8. I'm confused by this question (you may be too 🙂 ) You don't "have it in 7zip". 7 zip is a utility to open compressed files. It's just a program/app. Do you still have the downloaded installer in .rar format? If so, then once you've downloaded Bandizip, open Bandizip and select whatever menu choice gets you to specify a file to open (I'm assuming File/Open or File/Uncompress but I don't have it, so I'm guessing - it should be very obvious). Once it does it's thing you should then have an installer that is executable that you can just double click on and it will run. The installer for PC should end in .exe. You don't have to throw 7-zip away if you don't want to. I've always found it to be a pretty good utility. One more comment. You say "move the install to Bandizip" Just leave the downloaded installer .rar file in your Downloads directory. Direct Bandizep to open that file. The installer will take care of putting the files in all the right places. Hope that helps. Dave [edit] corrected. I meant .rar, not .zip and fixed that (for anyone else reading since I see you got it running)
  9. Back in the late 70 s and 80s our rule of thumb was if we fired 6 volleys from a position it was time to leave before the couterbattery arrived (assuming against the Russians). Probably cliscc we go that 4 minutes (or even less). We counted it in rounds fired and tracked rather than time. So we figured our mode would not be a set battery position but one hipshoot after another. I don’t know how that translates to today’s world but I’d assume counterbattery radar has only gotten better. How many countries have top line capability would be the question. Dave.
  10. Look in the installation folder. There’s a script that is titled “Activate Additional Products”. Run that script and a window will pop up where you can enter your DLC serial number. Then the window will show all the things licensed and a play button. You are good to go then.
  11. 7zip is a good utility for compressed files. And it’s free.
  12. Our second one died after about 5 years. First one lasted about 10 years. We've gone back to a Hamilton Beach that uses Mr. Coffee style filter and just buy good coffee for it. It also has a second part with a small gold mesh filter to only make one cup at a time, and enough headroom for a travel mug, for those times (frequent) that I want more coffee but my wife doesn't. We liked them a lot when we had them. We also have a little one cup Moka pot, which makes nice coffee. Dave
  13. I don't believe so. I think the PBEM++ system takes the place of current PBEM. Same system (more or less) as other PBEM++ capable games. Dave
  14. Good. Just rest up. For my second shot I felt lousy for a day, but then the next day I was completely back to normal. My wife was lucky. Her second shot she didn't even notice. Same vaccine (Pfizer). Dave
  15. This error message has come up before and the issue was that the user downloaded the installer using Firefox. If you download using Safari, the installer pkg file should work normally. If that's NOT your issue, then please post here again and us Mac guys will try to figure it out. Dave PS - Incidentally, I have no idea WHY this is the case, but it seems to work.
  16. Yes. And I have things to keep me sharp. I enjoy crosswords, I have a model railroad I now have more time to work on, I play piano, I play AT the guitar ( I have 2 just need to work on it), a couple of telescopes, ham radio, I like to read, and my wife and I enjoy doing other things together. I won’t be bored in retirement. 😀 From your description of your background it sounds like you’ll have fun with it. I enjoyed WITW too. There is a whole sequence of staging, planning and prepping for amphibious invasions I found that a lot of fun. Work, but the anticipation of getting to the point where you get to the “go” for invasion keeps interest. Haven’t played that in a while because I can’t get text to cooperate. All the menus and buttons have too large text that runs into the next weirdly,WITE is fine, no matter how I fiddle with graphics and scaling. Dave
  17. That was also one of the ones that I used a lot when we were testing the fix for the "defenders under fire charging out of hedgerows suicide attacks." Plenty of opportunities there to set up firefights across two hedgerows, both with and without hedgerow breaks. After the fix, Germans under fire particularly, would now just slink back down into the sunken lane and then eventually crawl back up to the hedgerow and resume fighting, instead of running into that large field in a panic, to be mowed down. It's a nice little scenario, with a manageable number of units so that you don't get bogged down giving orders. I like that size scenarios. To me, it's more involving. Dave
  18. One of "Murphy's Laws Of Combat" : "Tracers work both ways"
  19. I agree with this. If you haven’t played WITE or WITW(very similar system) that would be a good way to try it without a big investment. I have both. I’ve played a few PBEM campaigns of WITW and was on the beta for the Tunisia expansion. I really enjoy it. WITE I’ve never quite gotten into. Not sure why. Tried a few times and got bored with it. Many years ago I played the old DOS based version of it (same title?). Loved it. Maybe I got played out. But they are good, super detailed and involving but there are things you can automate to make it not so overwhelming. They DO take a significant time investment in learning and in playing. Oddly now that I’m retired I’m finding I don’t want to spend as much time, but I have quite a few other interests. Dave
  20. Well, it WAS hockey after all. Understandable that passions get inflamed 🙂 Dave
  21. That would have been the AAAD mission. Didn’t matter where we were sent, the principles were the same. And the concerns about airlift and air superiority apply anywhere in Europe, so sure, a real possibility. Dave
  22. Not too much different than how they were employed in WW2 really, at least for Airborne operations. Seize a vital piece of ground in the enemy near-rear and hang on to be relieved by mobile forces. That would be the mission in Europe should they have been employed there. Whether that was to cross a river and secure a far bank, seize an airhead or isolate a surroundable enemy force, would depend on the situation. We trained on what at the time was termed the Airborne Anti-Armor Defense (AAAD). It was a strong point mutually supporting defense in depth with all the AT weapons we could carry against an assaulting mechanized force, because of course as soon as you hit the ground they are coming for you. The air environment was likely to be pretty dangerous for large scale airborne operations. You need to have very good local air superiority to drop a brigade or division. That was unlikely, at least in the initial stages of a European ground war, and maybe for the whole course of it. If employed in a supporting theater (Middle East being the most likely), the most likely scenario was seizing an airhead and holding it until reinforcing mech units could arrive. This type of mission is much more likely to be used in an air superiority environment that in the middle of Germany somewhere. Third possibility is to hold down guerrilla opposition in Central American countries, in concert with Marines, which is another thing that was extensively trained. Again, air superiority is much more likely to be established. In both the first 2 cases the expectation was that we had to last 3 days without reinforcements. It takes a significant amount of airlift capacity to move an airborne division, and REFORGER would also be going on or even if at the time when we had already sent everyone to Germany we were going to, huge airlift capacity would be required just for supply. It would be smart to "stage" these units at the outset to make the lift a short one instead of all the way from the east coast. Dave
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