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  1. You have made a big progress since CMBN, really, thx for all!
  2. Vet' and wego. In videogames of strategy, turn-based games became mostly rare. This is another reason why i really love this serie: i can still have the choice to play in turn-based.
  3. I know the unrealistic side of BF, as the fact it takes 20 bullets to kill a guy... just joking
  4. So I'll be happy to give him a donation if my modest contribution could help.
  5. Hi, does the javelin can work with a spotter equipped with a laser designator...? In other words, does a guy equipped with a javelin can target a vehicule (designated with a LD) that he has no LOS? Maybe i played too much Battlefield...
  6. Modders made a huge and beautiful work for these games, so why do without it? I used veins effects V3.
  7. Hi, when i order to a SG43 crew to simply move to a point, the machinegun moves very strangely, sometimes backwards or turning on itself while moving. the crew tries to follow it and sometimes several meters away from it. It takes a very long time to just get from point A to point B. It's very strange to see. Unfortunately, the team members are killed because sometimes they walk completely uncovered and illogically. I have not seen this kind of issue with the Maxim MG, which allowed me to see the big difference. (My game is patched)
  8. It seems complete. What kinds of details do you have to add...?
  9. Merci beaucoup Aris! I suppose mobelwagen mods works in CMBN too.
  10. The mobelwagen and the hummel, please! Happy to see you back (and motivated) on the field!
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