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Well, I'm assuming that the OMG module really covers the western front in September-October 1944, therefore any prominent fighting vehicles that were used at that time should be included in the module. My guess is M-18 based on profile. M36 should be included in the games as well IMO but I wont hold me breath.

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heh... a little more uncertainty than I thought there would be. Well done Webwing for the unusual perspective that allowed for some uncertainty :D


Well, I'm assuming that the OMG module really covers the western front in September-October 1944,

Not a good assumption :) First, the timeframe for the entire Normandy Family stops at September. Nothing introduced after September is being included now or in the future. The next Western Front Family takes things from October through the final days of the war.

Second, Market Garden is really and truly focused on Market Garden and not the entire front. Future Packs will expand the Normandy Family's component pieces for the entire June-September timeframe. The first Pack is almost definitely going to contain the much requested "Funnies" and oddball stuff that the Germans threw at the Allies in the early days of the landings. Which ones specifically are yet to be determined.


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It's not a Tetrarch -- chassis shape is totally wrong.

The combination of the imprecision of the cut-out masking and the viewing aspect do make it a bit hard to tell... based on the body shape, I'd say it's Hellcat. Date of introduction would favor Hellcat as well. While AFAIK no Hellcats participated in OMG proper, they were definitely in combat in the ETO by the time of OMG -- amongst other engagements, Hellcats played a prominent role in the battle of Arracourt, which happened contemporaneously with OMG.

The only thing that makes me second-guess is that there's no muzzle brake -- in every in-theater picture of a Hellcat I've ever seen, the gun sports a large, prominent brake. But perhaps Webwing removed evidence of the muzzle brake to give us some sport; if the muzzle brake were there, it would definitely rule out the M24 and also probably the M36. AFAIK, the M24 never had a muzzle brake. I've seen a few images of an M36 with a muzzle brake on the gun, but images without are much more common.

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