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  1. ?? It's the ad not the article. They completely got the name wrong.
  2. And now it's on Wargamer.com... STOP THE INSANITY!!! ☺️
  3. Here's the same ad but this one popped up on my PC when visiting weatherunderground.com
  4. This add just popped up on my phone: Combat Mission Show Force 2 On sale 30% off matrixgames.com
  5. Have you read the books? I've just finished the second one and they've both been amazing. I only saw the 1st episode of season 1 because I heard that the 1st season kind of overlaps multiple books. I'm the kind of person that likes to read the books first.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the link. I've read the book "No Better Place to Die" by Robert Murphy - an excellent read.
  7. I, for one, am ready for the next line of CM engine. My vote goes for stop making CM2 products, It's time for CM3.
  8. Echoing what everyone else here has posted: Wego is turn based and I think what most people play. Real time is mess if the unit count gets above a company size engagement. You can pause the action at any time in Real Time mode but when the unit count gets so large you'll find that you have to pause the action every few seconds to give or change orders. This sounds ideal until you realize that the game is being paused so often that it's not really "Real Time" any more. The one and only advantage that Real Time mode has over Wego is that you can give orders at any time, so you could avoid potent
  9. Well the first frontal assault was somewhat excusable. The paratroopers were about to be ambushed when a girl ran out to warn a German officer who then alerted his men. I think the firing started immediately after that - The Germans were already caught out in the open for the most part. Maybe the girl told him that there were only a few men in the woods and he figured that a quick frontal assault was the best way to quickly solve the dilemma. The second frontal assault was the real incompetence.
  10. Honestly, it should have been a Company's job to hold Lanzerath. Bouck's I&R platoon was the only "front line" unit guarding the road to what was supposed to be a rear area where Company L and K were bivouacked as the sole reserve of the entire 99th Division. The 99th was spread that thin. Actually I think there was an AT unit in Lanzerath belonging to another outfit but they high tailed it out of there before the German paratroopers entered the town. The artillery observers left the town too but at least went up to be with Bouck's platoon on the tree line.
  11. For those interested in this there is a good read about this unit and the famous action: The Longest Winter by Alex Kershaw Although they technically held up an entire Battalion all day, it's not as if the entire battalion attacked at once. However, they still did an incredible job, decisively stopping two strong frontal attacks before running out of ammo on a 3rd flanking attack. The defenders were well dug in and only lost 1 man KIA. A pretty amazing feat. And for a SQUAD LEADER trivia bonus, this I&R battle is tied to an old classic scenario: For those of you that h
  12. You can use this site to find sunset/sunrise times. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ Just type in a city like Caen: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/france/caen
  13. Seems like so far you've only tested walls vs terrain. Are you sure it's just walls and not other place-able map elements such as buildings, trees, hedgerows? I'm not in a position to test, just thought it might be bigger issue than you think.
  14. Osprey released a nice Order of Battle series of books. Very good unit diagrams and detailed battle maps. However, I have noticed a few mistakes in a couple of the books, but overall they are a great resource for any battle designer. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=osprey+order+of+battle+ardennes&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aosprey+order+of+battle+ardennes
  15. Are off map mortars bound by range? In other words, if you target the enemy's side of a very large map can you actually exceed the mortar's range or even decrease it's accuracy?
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