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  1. We would have ops be canceled for not enough lum but you're right when the lum is good you can see fairly easily.
  2. Cringe take. A lot of this is outside of battlefronts control. Try again.
  3. If i was told i had to carry a AT-4, A CLU, along with my primary weapon system, full combat load with my buddy carrying 2 Jav tubes, his weapon system and a AT-4. I either wouldn't do it or id go down as a heat cat about 3 minutes later.
  4. Interesting... skipping to 2 seemed to have worked! Thanks Mord, if these uniforms and helmets turn out decent i might just release them.
  5. Hi all currently modding the syrian special forces and im attempting to make multiple uniform variants for them issue is there only seems to be one uniform file. Ive tried adding a "1" with a space at the end like other uniforms with variants hoping i could get a mixture but nothing. Just the black jump suits. Once i take away the "1" from the file name it shows up in game and replaces the black uniforms. Any suggestions? UPDATE: Uniforms that already had multiple variants i was able to continue adding variants using a space and the next sequential number. Does not seem to be work
  6. SOCOM also has a variant of the m32 called a mk 14 with a red dot optic. Pretty much the same thing as the M32A1.
  7. Thanks brother. I've never gone anywhere just haven't been posting as much as i used to. Now with cmsf2 inbound i can have more of an input. Also been getting pictures of my AO and have considered making a map for the game based on the area.
  8. As of right now we are still using ravens at the company level even then on my current deployment i haven't even seen the ODA teams use drones in that small of scale. All of our info on the ground is run by ISR. Plus carrying that stuff sucks....
  9. Just went through my email and I didn't find where I had bought the license upgrade (honestly I'm not sure if I did). I did find my key for the 3 pack module. I must have just never bought the upgrade so that doesn't really help.
  10. Question about upgrades. I have the paradox version of the game (modules all bought from store so I have those and the keys) but I don't have the game installed currently nor the key for the SF base game and I'm in Afghanistan at the moment. How would I go about upgrading if I don't have the original SF key or game on me?
  11. That's what happens when you join the army, get married, and adopt another dog. Still following CM religiously though. Hoping to get to play some CMSF2 in Afghanistan this year.
  12. Not even that. Just add the weather options so we could have winter battles. That's all i would want.
  13. I leave to go to Air Force BMT in a couple months hopefully by the time i retire ill be be able to play CMFB and the battlepack.
  14. How many delays is it going to be. Ive been refreshing the page constantly waiting for Final blitzkrieg and the battle back to come out. COME ON GUYS PLEASE.
  15. Wrong. The Russians in game would greatly benefit getting the NVGs/Thermals as in game they only have night optics on their rifles which greatly reduces squad effectiveness at night. How would any of that be propaganda? All of that equipment is extremely reasonable and definitely not out of Russias manufacturing capability. But let me ask do you have any evidence that Russia has not equipped some troops with this equipment?
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