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  1. ?? It's the ad not the article. They completely got the name wrong.
  2. And now it's on Wargamer.com... STOP THE INSANITY!!! ☺️
  3. Here's the same ad but this one popped up on my PC when visiting weatherunderground.com
  4. This add just popped up on my phone: Combat Mission Show Force 2 On sale 30% off matrixgames.com
  5. Have you read the books? I've just finished the second one and they've both been amazing. I only saw the 1st episode of season 1 because I heard that the 1st season kind of overlaps multiple books. I'm the kind of person that likes to read the books first.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the link. I've read the book "No Better Place to Die" by Robert Murphy - an excellent read.
  7. I, for one, am ready for the next line of CM engine. My vote goes for stop making CM2 products, It's time for CM3.
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