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  1. I am hooked... damn comic crack. Please keep these updates coming I'm already getting the shakes and sweats.
  2. I feel your pain but... hahahahahahahah snort hahahahahaha
  3. Lard Tunderin jesus my son if dare are no newfs to be heard she's not worth nothin' boy. This coming from a born and raised Alberta boy
  4. If I can help in anyway in play testing let me know. I just finished Breakout from Juno for the 2nd time now this thread has me reviewing Operation Windsor again.
  5. Great scenario. I enjoyed it very much. I also achieved an Allied minor victory ,with the loss of three tanks and two of Vandeleur's command group but not Vandeluer himself. A must download IMO one of the best out there. Well done and thank you!
  6. Buy CMBN it has lots of mods and scenarios. Then you will be hooked and will start to liquidate assets to pay for all the other theatres. Even by your just posting here spells your doom.
  7. I just finished playing the first two scenarios. Great fun I am looking forward to the rest. Great job I love the narrative. Much appreciated!
  8. I love my CMX2 I hope they work out a viable solution. It is cumbersome as it stands. To BF...In my best Rob Schneider voice I say "You can do it" Please don't make me go "Oh no we suck again"
  9. I don't mean to be a sap but it seems the root of the problem is that the game might be bush league. Battlefront might need to branch out it's resources to rectify this problem. However splintering the work groups wood cause tensions to rise and possibly have Steve barking at his various branches. I think BF should stay laminated and keep itself firmly planted on repairing the problem as a whole. No need to cause seeds of discontent.
  10. I have the same problem I will give it a try Ales! good job it worked for me as well thank you!
  11. Made a ticket. Anyone else have this problem that install of 3.11 patch removes the Vehicle pack and makes quick battle fubar? I am triple checking my installation procedure but it seems everything is kosher but after successful installation I get the above problems and yes I removed mods before install iMac 3.2 10.6.8 Crap sorry I thought I was in the tech forum Found solution http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1567730&postcount=22 Mods feel free to move this to proper forum
  12. Yes I had to make a new folder in applications and drop my CMRT icon into it. I then put the installer in that folder and opened it and it worked like a charm. If you are reading this I might add that both in CMBN 3.0 and CMRT 3.0 and 3.01 When I turn shaders on all detail is lost and I get one colored, soldiers, Tanks etc. ATI Radeon HD 5670
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