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  1. You will be interested to know that all issues mentioned in these posts are being addressed. I can´t give a date when it will be done but I can say we have been working on it for some time. If you have any additional observations to make regarding Russian/Ukranian hardware now is the time to do it.
  2. Hi Guys, I got an email today from a forum member asking me for the individual files for this campaign. Fortunatelly I still could find them in an old HD. I´m making them available from the link below. This includes the individual files, the script for the campaign with all the parameters and also the pdf and complete campaign. I spent a lot of time making it balanced, as much as possible, and did not antecipate scenarios being played individually. Now with the individual files available though you can make whatever changes you want to them. Notice that this was made in 2007! It
  3. This seems like the new mud tag. Textures change to mud as a visual clue to players. Regarding other issues we are surely looking into all of them. As with all releases the bugs found that are reported in the forum, and that are confirmed by the beta test team, will be addressed in a patch. -
  4. I'll look into it and get back to you. Worst-case scenario I'll attach the portraits here, with the correct names, and you can put them in your Z folder for now. Thanks for the feedback. -
  5. This will be fixed in a patch. Unfortunately it did not get in time. For now you can just put the portrait german kriegsmarine in your Z folder and that will do the trick. See attached. All other German portraits should be fine though. -- portrait kriegsmarine infantry.bmp
  6. Well. Ken can only be a Weird Dude as we already have a Normal Dude. --
  7. I'm pretty sure Steve said everything that *can* be said about it. For now that is. Please do a search as I can't remember in which thread that was. I can't confirm anything right now. Not even the title. One thing I can say is that at the moment work on it is more intense than ever. --
  8. The full picture(along with many others) will be found in the MG screenshots gallery very soon. The mystery then will be over. It´s *almost* time for the Refresh Monkey to be activated! -
  9. Guess what we've included in the new Market Garden Module, that didn't take part in the battle, because we felt was too cool to hold back for a future Pack? ---------
  10. You are sure to be happy then! And yes the 37mm Flak will be introduced to the Normandy family in the Market Garden module. -
  11. A few things I can say: - It´s plain smoke and smoke from blasts. (there is fog too but it´s mostly smoke you see in the images.) - Tiger II (H) will be introduced in this module. Tiger II (P) is not in, but was in the Commonwealth module. If you have both modules you have both vehicles. - The teaser is on Pete´s master map. There will be a few massive master maps in the disk. They depict big areas that include major bridges like Arnhem and Nijmegen. Other designers then can cut the bit that they want for their own scenario. --
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